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Revealing Eden (Save the Pearls Part One) - Review followed by Interview and Giveaway with Victoria Foyt

Title: Save The Pearls Part One : Revealing Eden
Author : Victoria Foyt

Description: Eden Newman must mate before her 18th birthday in six months or she'll be left outside to die in a burning world. But who will pick up her mate-option when she's cursed with white skin and a tragically low mate-rate of 15%? In a post-apocalyptic, totalitarian, underground world where class and beauty are defined by resistance to an overheated environment, Eden's coloring brands her as a member of the lowest class, a weak and ugly Pearl. If only she can mate with a dark-skinned Coal from the ruling class, she'll be safe. Just maybe one Coal sees the Real Eden and will be her salvation her co-worker Jamal has begun secretly dating her. But when Eden unwittingly compromises her father's secret biological experiment, she finds herself in the eye of a storm and thrown into the last area of rainforest, a strange and dangerous land. Eden must fight to save her father, who may be humanity's last hope, while standing up to a powerful beast-man she believes is her enemy, despite her overwhelming attraction. Eden must change to survive but only if she can redefine her ideas of beauty and of love, along with a little help from her "adopted aunt" Emily Dickinson.

My Thoughts: Eden Newman is considered one of the lowest class with her white skin, classifying her as a Pearl. Always hating not being a Coal and having to cover her white skin, she thinks herself ugly. Eden has a few more months before her 18th birthday to find a mate and she thinks she does in a secret relationship. Then there is her boss, Bramford, Head Honcho with a goal in mind and Eden’s father is the head scientist. Eden discloses some important material to her secret boyfriend which forces Bramford to jump in feet first and becomes the test experiment changing him into a beast-man and they escape into the forest. In this time Eden finds herself drawn to Bramford. Hoping he sees the Real Eden. Ok that is a limited summary I know, but it hits on points without giving spoilers. I will say this, when I first started it was un-like any book I have ever read. I almost put it down because at first I couldn't get over the race part. But Foyt must have drawn me in because I just kept reading and she turned me around in 40 pages. I knew that she made me look at a bigger picture. Her words opened my imagination and created the world she wants her readers to see. Soon I was rooting on Eden in growing stronger. Even though Eden didn't see it, I knew Bramford had feelings for her. She just had to see how beautiful she was on the outside, no matter her skin color. Bramford, went from being handsome and welcomed by many, to half changed into a beast, but still gorgeous in every sense and a man worthy of seeing the real Eden. It was a modern day Beauty and the Beast. Well, modern as in post-apocalyptic. I did not want to put the book down. I wanted to keep seeing where it was going and the romance between Eden and Bramford was steamy. Though this is a YA book, there was a hint of passion in the encounters between them. It was one fast paced, jam packed, keep you on your toes story with action, adventure, betrayal, love, and passion. I am already wanting the next book “Save The Pearls: Part Two ~ Adapting Eden” to see where Victoria Foyt takes us next. I have to admit I fell in love with the whole story. I would also like to thank Sand Dollar Press and Victoria Foyt for the opportunity to review this book and taking me out of my normal reading style to explore a great new world in Revealing Eden. 

4.50 out of 5 stars

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Interview and Giveaway with Victoria Foyt

1~ Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m both deeply analytical and highly creative. Fortunately, since writing is such a solitary pursuit, I’m a homebodyHowever,I have traveled quite a lot and lived in Europe during my junior year in college. I had a double major in French and Spanish, so I split the year between France and Spain. I love languages, words, reading—communicating ideas and story.

After college, I moved to Los Angeles and began studying acting and writing screenplays. This honed my use of dialogue,location and story structure. I was lucky toco-write and star in several indie films: Déjà vu, Last Summer in the Hamptons, Going Shopping, and Babyfever.

Now, I live in the pretty coastal town of Santa Monica where I have raised two teenagers. I write every morning, nearly seven days a week. When I’m not writing or managing my business, I love to play tennisand spend time with my family and friends.

2~ Tell us please, what's a typical writing day like for you?

The timeworn cliché of a slovenly, drunken writer is 180 degrees opposite from my approach. To me, being a writer requires an almost athletic discipline: clean body, sharp mind, and an open heart. At breakfast, I usually read The New York Times because invariably, I’ll find something to use in my writing, even if it’s only a word. Around 8:00 a.m., I head to my office with a big mug of coffee in hand. There, I meditate to clear my mind. Typically, I set a goal of how many pages I hope to write or edit, depending on where I am in the story. I usually quit by mid-afternoon to attend to phone calls and business. Later, I try to exercise because sitting for so long is hard on the body. And most importantly, I aim for a good night’s sleep so my mind is fresh when I begin again the next day.

3~ Do you have any writing quirks?

Probably more than I realize! I’m very strict about starting to write at the same time. If I manage it, the writing flows. If not, it can be more work than play. It’s as if my muse is conditioned to show up at a certain hour,and punishes me whenever I’m late.

4~ Have you always wanted to be an author?

I always wanted to be a writer; I couldn’tnot write. I wrote a lot of poetry in high school, a practice I returned to whenever my heart brokeI have a lot of poems in a drawer! Of all the forms of writing, novel satisfies me most. It combines my love of language, story and theme. And it is the thing I most dreamed of doing when I was a young girl.

5~ What authors do you admire?

The list of writers whom I admire and who have influenced me is long and varied. I have always been an enthusiastic reader of all kinds of books from romances by Jane Austen and mysteries by Raymond Chandler, to biting social commentary such as Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger or Lois Lowry’s The Giver. As a teenager, I devoured Ernest Hemingway’s books, and have recently reread many of them. His direct prose and elegant storytelling definitely set the bar. On the other end of the spectrum, I adore Isabel Allende’s lush, more feminine prose and quixotic stories. One of my favorite books is the heartbreaking Love in the Time of Choleraby Gabriel Garcia Marquez. From each writer I have found the courage to find my own voice.

6~What inspired you to write "Revealing Eden"?

Usually a big what if question leads to a story, and this certainly was the case withRevealing Eden. I wondered what would happen if global warming turned today’s prevailing beauty standards upside down. In the story, the loss of the ozone layer has increased solar radiation to deadly levels.Since Caucasianhave less melanin in their skin to protect them from radiation, they have largely died off. The remaining white population is branded as inferior Pearls. Dark-skinned people, or Coals, have more resistance to the Heat, and therefore, now rule society. Eden Newman, a lithe blue-eyed blonde, would be considered gorgeous in our day, while in the future she has to beg for a mate or suffer an early death. The direction in which my wonderings took me greatly surprised me, as it often does.

7~ Let's say your book is being made into a movie, do you already have actors in mind you would want cast? What bands/singers would you want on the soundtrack?

So many readers have commented on what agreat movie Revealing Eden would make that I began to wonder about the casting. I think Elle Fanning would be awesome as Eden Newman. She looks just like her, is the right age, and what a terrific actress. I haven’t come up with anyone for Bramford. If you or your readers have any ideas, I’d love to hear them.

8~ What are the first three things that instantly pop into your mind when you think of "Revealing Eden"?

Interracial relationships
True love
Our dying environment.

9~ Being that Valentine's is a day of love and romance, could please you share a bit insight to the relationship of the characters or perhaps even a snippet?

Eden Newman, an oppressed Pearl with a low mate-rate, feels inferior to her Coal boss, the handsome titan, Bramford. When she unwittingly messes up a secret experiment he has funded, which just may save mankind, they are tossed into the last patch of rainforest. In this strange,dangerous world, they must rediscoverthemselves, and each other. Their preconceived opinions get in the way, but ultimately, as trust grows and they reveal their secrets, love blooms.

The forest sounds dropped away, replaced by the rapid pounding of her heart. Eden forgot the passing scenery and their destination. Only the hot press of his hands on her bare skin, the tilt of his head brushing her inner leg, and her burning ache consumed her. The more pleasure she experienced, the bolder his touch grew. Now his hand trailed up and down the whole of her leg.
She dared to test the boundaries of their body language and flexed her thighs around his neck. Unbelievably, his gait slowed. A feverish thrill shot through Eden. She could guide Bramford with a mere squeeze.
Did she dare push him further? She couldn’t resist the wild urge to flick her hips against his shoulders. At once he picked up speed. She almost squealed—his raw animal power was at her command.

10~ I can tell you I'm a bit anxious already for "Save The Pearls : Part two, Adapting Eden". Is there anything you can share with us about what's coming up next?

At first, the idea of writing a sequel daunted me. As soon as I started, however, the next phase of Eden’s journey from an oppressed, fearful girl to an alpha babe, or Jaguar Babe, captivated me. In Adapting Eden (Save The Pearls Part Two), the past comes back to haunt Eden Newman. If she thought life and love challenged her in Revealing Eden, the stakes ratchet even higher in the next book. She must fight to save those she loves against impossible odds, testing herself beyond her limits—in love and physical strength—while the countdown to humanity’s extinction continues. I’ll tell you, being in her beastly head is a wild, exciting ride!

Are you ready for some quick fun? Choose one answer questions?

Coke or Pepsi? Diet coke with a slice of lemon, very little ice.

McDonald's or Burger King? Just fries, either one.

Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry? Major chocolate addiction!

Paranormal or Historical when reading? Paranormal.

Kit-Kats or Peanut Butter Snickers? Yum, Kit-Kats.

Casual dress or formal attire? Casual, kind of preppy.

I would like to take the time to say thank you again for being on the blog today! Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

I love to hear from you! You make it all worthwhile. Please visit me at VictoriaFoyt.com or at Facebook.com/VictoriaFoyt. And check out Eden Newman’s videos on the interactive site: SaveThePearls.com! I think you’ll be amazed. Thanks so much for your time. your time.  

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