Saturday, April 30, 2011

Review for Stefan's Mark (Shifter's Series) Book 1

Title: Stefan's Mark ( Shifter's Series)
Author: Jaden Sinclair
Summary :
It was by chance he discovered his mate. Only problem was she was still too young to claim. For four long years Stefan Draeger waited for her to grow. To mature into the passionate woman he knew she was. He used her dreams to remind her each night that she belonged to him and no one else. Finally his waiting is over. The time to make Sidney Martin his has come and nothing on Earth will stand in his way. Stefan is coming into the heat, but will Sidney be strong enough to handle his fire, his need, and succumb to his heart?

My Review: A chance incident lead Stefan to being at the wrong place at the right time. Sidney couldn't help but feel compelled to learn more about this boy who had been captured. She did not believe in werewolves but her father thought that's what Stefan was. The first time she saw him she was struck with a dream and for four years the dreams kept coming. He couldn't wait any longer to claim his mate. She resisted at first, but some things you just can't fight for long.

Stefan's Mark catches you from the very beginning. Pretty soon you keep turning the page trying to see how it will end. It builds up, laying the foundation for the future novels in the series. You will be kept longing to find out about what is to happen next with Skylar, left on the edge of your seat for Dedrick, and starving from hunger for more information about Stefan's mother and her part in the story. The novel flows like a steady river taking the reader on a ride of delight through the rapids and calm waters of their tale from the first page leaving you excited for the next voyage into Stefan's world.

Shifter Series in Order

Stefan's Mark
Claiming Skyler
Dedrick's Taming
The Prowling
Cole's Awakening
The New Breed
Seducing Sasha
Draeger's Legacy ( how it all started)

Cost: $6.99

4 out of  5 stars

Monday, April 18, 2011

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There is always someone who loves you more than you know. When you find them, cherish their love.

Welcome to My Blog

Hello and nice to meet you! Please bare with me as i learn the ins and outs. Im excited to get this blog up and running for book reviewing as well as discussions on books. I must say nearing 29 i'm grasping life by the horns and hanging on while enjoying it....firstly with doing something i love by reading and reviewing books by some great authors ...and secondly meeting people who love and enjoy books just as much as i do.