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Happy Release Day

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One Night to Remember by Kristin Miller Review and Giveaway

First class clothing designer Elizabeth Scott isn’t all that she appears. She may be elegant and poised on the outside, dining with the richest on the ship, but she’s hiding a dark secret within.

Thieves boarded the Titanic, too…

Officer Thomas McGuire is as honest as they come. Working to make a decent living on the ship of dreams, he can’t believe his eyes when the most striking lady he’s ever seen steals from another first class passenger. As the night goes on, Thomas must decide whether he plans to arrest or seduce Elizabeth and she’s not making it easy on him—the heat sparking between them is unlike anything they’ve ever known.

Time is running out…

The Titanic is sinking fast. Elizabeth has finally met a true gentleman—one who gazes upon her with total adoration yet fulfills her deepest fantasies. But being a gentleman means more than playing the stuffy part. Thomas insists on helping other passengers until the very end, even if that means going down with the ship.

In the fight for their lives, they just might find a love worth dying for.

My Thoughts: Elizabeth does something at dinner amongst the first class passengers one night that unknowingly catches the eye of a handsome man. Not just any man either. Officer Thomas McGuire can't believe what's happening before his very eyes and when she goes to leave, he is close on her heels. However, Elizabeth likes a good game of cat and mouse especially when she thought she lost him. Thomas isn't that easy to lose and his cuffs will find a home. Elizabeth wants Thomas like no one she's ever wanted before even if it's in handcuffs.

Elizabeth reminds me of a Robin Hood of the seas. She has sass, knows what she wants, and how to go after it. Thomas is your straight laced, honorable officer who has a seductive power over the independent thief. His kiss and touch make her ache for more. If there was a man who could tame her, it would be him. Elizabeth may have finally met her match in her complete opposite. 

For his part, it is similar. Thomas can't shake the passion Elizabeth ignites in him or how she calls to him, even if he doesn't agree with how they met. All he can think about are the questions he wants to know about the person she is deep down and why, when they come together, they light up in flames of passion . 

Through the tragedy of the Titanic, the tale of a love that could be is told. Miller did great setting the stage and making this visit to the Titanic believable. I love anything Titanic. Normally I would think of the movie, but Miller took me in a direction where I was loving the characters. Elizabeth and Thomas swept me away on a roller coaster of ups and downs. One minute I'm chuckling over cat and mouse chase, the next I'm getting hot and bothered by a few sexual encounters between them and handcuffs in one if them. I found myself in tears thinking the worst, as the ship was going down, and hoping for the best. I am so glad I read this book . I'm looking forward to seeing what else Kristen Miller has in store for us in the future. Definitely check out this read for “One Night to Remember”.

4 out of  5 stars

You can purchase it here : One Night To Remeber Kindle Edition


Elizabeth didn’t know what to make of Thomas McGuire or the rumblings inside her when they touched.

Before boarding the Titanic, Elizabeth had lived her life as a bit of a daredevil, taking on adventures others thought too risky. She’d been searching for something worth fighting for. Something that would boil the blood in her veins and rile up her defenses. Since stepping foot on board, she’d stolen from a handful of first class passengers and thought not much of it.

Never—not once—had a single spark of exhilaration ever fired in her middle. Not like this.

From one smoldering touch, Thomas sent heat flashing to Elizabeth’s center and flurries of excitement to her core. When his lips pressed against hers, she felt…alive. More so than she ever had before.

“What now?” he asked, once he’d turned from the door. His face was pale, nearly matching the whiteness of his dress shirt. He looked anxious, but it suited him well. His square jaw was clenched, ticking by his temple. And his lips were pressed tight.

He was a challenge. A tightly wound ball of nerves that Elizabeth couldn’t wait to unravel.

“Now you kiss me,” she said, and held her breath.

He covered the length of the room quickly, his strong hands cupping her neck as he pulled her against him. She arched back, letting the pleasure of his kiss overtake her.

Beneath the prim and proper suit, hidden under layers of stifling responsibility, was a man that made Elizabeth’s heart beat fast. She could feel power surging beneath the surface of his rigid persona.

If only she could unleash it…

Author Bio: Kristin Miller has had a passion for all things Titanic since 1988, a full decade before Jack and Rose came on scene. Although she owns more than fifty books written about the Titanic, a copied set of the ship’s blueprints, a piece of coal from its busted boilers, and a postcard sent from the ship mid-voyage, her collection of 1912 first edition Titanic books holds a special place in her heart.

She writes dark and gritty paranormal romance for HarperCollins (INTERVAMPTION, VAMPED UP, and VAMP APPEAL, August 2012), fantasy/paranormals for Harlequin (CLAIMED BY DESIRE, May 2012, and FORBIDDEN BY FATE, July 2012), and has dabbled in romantic suspense (DARK TIDE RISING).

For more about Kristin Miller and her latest work, please visit:  http://www.kristinmiller.net

She loves hearing from readers! You can email her at : kristinmiller02@aol.com


Kristin will be giving away a $20 Amazon Gift Card to 1 randomly drawn commenter during her blog tourSo make sure to check out all of Kristin's stops to increase your chances of winning.

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Book Tour for Office Fantasies:Cover Blown by Symphony (Promo Post & Giveaway)

Office Fantasies, a hot and steamy collection of erotic stories between two attractive coworkers, Marcus & Sydney. Marcus “the cute new guy” whom recently moved to Miami seems to be the shy, quiet, mystery guy. Little does Sydney know, she has an insatiable, passionate, sexual terrorist in her presence.

In the first episode of Office Fantasies "Cover Blown", the obvious attraction between Marcus and Sydney has become the talk of the office. Every day the two of them flirt and tease each other, until the sexual tension finally explodes into the Perfect Chemistry. Parking decks, office bathrooms and building elevators. This fantasy turned reality contains all the elements that make for a once in a lifetime sexual adventure for two.

Sydney & Marcus’s encounters will leave you breathless, wanting to know increasingly juicy details of their explosive sexual relationship in and outside of the office. Are you sleeping with your office fantasy?


As the night goes on
The tension builds
Lustful chemistry
Brewing in the air
Between two sexy
Attractive adults
Slow dancing & grinding
The night away
Sydney’s hair
I’m now intoxicated
By the scent
The feel of
Her waist
And Sydney’s
Slim and
Curvy frame
Her skin
Is all so soft
To the touch
Sydney’s bottom
I have yet
To explore
But oh boy!
Her round booty
Sticks out
Like a kickball
Picture yourself
On an absolute
Dream date
With the man
Or woman of
Your dreams
Slow dancing
The night away
The perfect setting
R Kelly concert
It feels as if
You’re the
Only two in
The entire stadium
Mutually enjoying
The energy
Of one another
My hands slowly
Slide up her leg
Exploring as much
Of her body
As she allows
But yet
My composure
For the night
Is still young


Symphony is a closet freak whom lives his fantasies through his many alter ego's in this case the character of Marcus. Shy to the eye with a sexual appetite for two or even three. Symphony is passionate in all that he does, priding himself on serving his woman with the ultimate experience of endless orgasmic pleasure. A sexual crusader if you will, on a journey to give the experience of a lifetime to the few unknowing women whom fall to his baby face and shy demeanor.

Symphony carries himself as a, passive and shy gentlemen. Giving women a false sense of security in the bedroom, of you know the conversation ladies "Don’t hurt-em girl".

Currently residing in Atlanta, GA, Symphony writes his own experiences coupled with fantasies of his just nasty mind. In the first installment of Office Fantasies "Cover Blown" Symphony’s stories will take you on a journey of sexual chemistry at its very best.



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Winner's of the Dangerous Love Blog Tour

Thanks to Page Flipperz for putting together this Review Tour for the lovely E.B. Walters

I loved being a part of such a wonderful tour with some amazing blogs. And now for the part you guys are curious about....who was the Grand Prize winner and the 10 Ebook winner's of Dangerous Love : 

Winner of  The  Fitzgerald Family Bracelet.

Entry #215Crystal undefined.  Cyrstal Flannery
Winners for E books are listed below in the rafflecopter form.

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Review for When Irish Eyes Are Evil by Naomi Bellina

Title: When Irish Eyes Are Evil
Author: Naomi Bellina

Description: A sexy vampire with evil on his mind has Rachael playing detective to find a way to subdue him before he can destroy her. 

Sent to the space station in lieu of prison, Rachel longs to escape and return to Earth. An encounter with a charming bartender, Brody, makes her reconsider, until she realises that he is not what he seems. Racing against time, Rachel must find a way to permanently eliminate Brody before she falls prey to his evil plot and is killed in the process. 

With the help of a sexy crew member, a friend back home and another of Brody’s victims, Rachel devises a dangerous plan to kill the fiend and save herself and other potential victims. 

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of violence.

My Thoughts: Since this is a short read (33 pages) and the description says it all, I will leave out a brief summary. I have never read an erotic paranormal based on a space station before. I really did enjoy it. I liked the concept of this read. The sex was hot. I liked Rachel. She had a strong personality. I know if I was stuck on a space station for 2 years, I would not give up sex either. Enter Brody, your oh so smooth, sexy bartender and an energy stealing vampire who sweet talked her into some hot sex. The fact she realized something was wrong after and did some digging was awesome. Only then did Rachel see his sinister side. She wasn’t feeling good and put it to right after that night. Once she finds another victim, she goes after him fully. Add that to a little help from sexy Shawn and old friend Albert, who is big on vampire things. One thing that I didn't think was quite believable was a cell phone on the space station. Kind of made me go ‘Really?’ But the sexual episode just prior to that was still fresh in my mind, so I let it go with a shrug. By the end I was rooting for the life Rachel may have in the future. All and all hot sex, a bit of mystery and vampires equals you getting a good, short read. 
4 out of 5 stars

You can purchase it here: 

You can find Naomi Bellina here:             

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Luck 'O The Irish Hop 3/17-3/31

Luck 'O The Irish Hop is brought to you by the great people at : Romance At Random

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Good Luck and Have fun and most importantly Happy St. Patrick's Day

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Dangerous Love Review Tour For E.B. Walters and Giveaway

Title: Dangerous Love
Author : E.B. Walters
Description: She has her emotions on a tight leash… 

Born to a Las Vegas showgirl, fashion designer Faith Fitzgerald’s childhood was not easy, until her father found her and whisked her off to L.A. to join his wealthy family. 

The rejection by some of her family members hurt, but Faith has moved on. Or so she thinks. She works hard and never lets her guard down, until the day she discovers that someone stole and sold her designs to her competitor and former mentor. To catch the thief and salvage her collection for Fall Fashion Week, Faith turns to her ex-lover, a man who works under the radar and gets results fast. The problem is she has not seen him since she dumped him so unceremoniously. 

He’s laid-back and spontaneous… 

When former-FBI-agent-turned-security-consultant Kenneth ‘Ken’ Lambert receives a call from Faith asking for his services, he sees a chance to payback the gorgeous designer for the way she used him then walked out on him. But then he learns that she is being victimized by a man whose idea of love is both dangerous and toxic, Ken pushes aside his personal agenda and agrees to help her. 

As their investigation progresses, Ken discovers that Faith’s calm exterior hides a woman of character and strength, a woman on the verge of falling apart. Can he help her find the answers she seeks or will she accept his offer instead—acceptance, unconditional love and support?
My Thoughts: "Dangerous Love" is book four in the Fitzgerald's Series. I will have to admit I was swooning over Baron in "Kiss Me Crazy", but Ednah Walters took it to the next level in “Dangerous Love“. This is Faith’s story. On the night of Ashley and Ron's wedding, Faith manages to have a passionate roll in bed with Ken, then she up and left without him knowing. Bring in present day and a revelation that one of her patrons brought forth that someone stole her design after seeing it on another person. Not only that, it was her EX-Jerk of a boyfriend who stole her designs before. So what’s a girl to do when she doesn't want to bring her family into the mix? Go to sexy hot, Mr. One Night Stand himself, Ken, for help. Ken takes it on, but this time he is playing for keeps with Faith's passionate side. He wants it all, even if it means breaking down her wall one brick at a time; one passionate encounter at a time, all while helping her figure out who was behind the stealing of her designs.
Where to start? I loved Faith. This character reminds me of myself for most of it. She is strong, smart, beautiful, and independent. She doesn't want to be a burden on anyone, least of all her family. She puts so much hard work into the one thing she loves, her designs for fashion, and wants to make a impact. Ken is what I would call an alpha male with a soft center for the woman he can't get out of his head and heart. He made me swoon. Walters had me from the start, then a twist thickened my anticipation which I was least expecting. It kept me intrigued. I would go on a mix of swoon-festing to lusting then I would also burst out laughing at parts, coming full emotional circle with cussing out a few of the not particularly nice characters (a.k.a. the evil no-good thieving ones who shall remain quiet until you read the book). Just when I thought I had it all figured out. I had the mystery put back in when her cousin, Eddie revealed something. You have to admire faith with her steady determination to not let it beat her. You will fall in love and root for this couple the whole book. Walters definitely brought it in this book filled with romance, passion, deceit and danger. This is one series you will just keep wanting more of. I know I am already desperately wanting Lex and Eddie's books. Another good thing about this series is they can be read as stand alones. Although she brings the other characters back throughout the books, which I love, they don’t own the story playing out now. If your like me you though, you’ll want to see what part they play and will go back to check them out as well. Ednah Walters, all I can say is I LOVE THIS SERIES! Loved Faith and Ken and can't wait to see what you have in store for us next in the Fitzgerald Series.

5 out of 5 stars

Giveaway time.. Grand prize will be the Book Bracelet below, and also runners up prizes ten e copies of Dangerous love ten lucky winners ;)

Good luck and thanks for stopping by the Dangerous Love Book Tour.  Dont forget to fill out the rafflecopter form below


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