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Blogversary Celebration Day 2 (5/1/12)

Today for the celebration we are gonna give some donated eBooks away. 

The lovely Ednah Walters who you can find at her blogspot here: E.B. Walters has donated all four of her awesome The Fitzgerald's Series.....let me tell you this series is amazing and one of you has a chance to win all four eBooks!

My other lovely, slightly sarcastic but completely sweet author friend Lindsay Down's is donated one eBook winner's choice from her Emily Dahill Series. I've heard nothing but good things about this series and i have a few in my review pile.

So grab up a chocolate covered strawberry.......

Followed by another glass of champagne since this is a celebration .......

maybe some eye candy ....or a dessert tray to enjoy your goodies on....

And Now what is up for grabs.....

One winner will get all four of these awesome reads

She doesn’t want to deal with the past...

Ten years ago, Ashley Fitzgerald witnessed the death of her parents in a tragic fire and blocked the memory. She pretends to have moved on, is a successful artist and photographer, until the morning she opens her door to a stranger she assumes is a model and asks him to strip to his briefs .

He wants to expose the truth....

Wealthy businessman Ron Noble has the body, the jet, the fast cars and the women, but he hides a deadly secret. His father started the fire that killed Ashley’s parents. Now someone is leaving him clues that could exonerate his father and they lead to Ashley’s door. Blindsided by the blazing attraction between them and a merciless killer silencing anyone who was there the night of the fire, Ron dare not tell Ashley the truth. Yet the answer he seeks may very well tear them apart.

While a demented arsonist...SLOW BURN(s)...and plots his ultimate revenge.

 She's armed with a new attitude and a kick-ass wardrobe....

By age twenty-eight, art historian Jade Fitzgerald has had a marriage from hell and an equally nasty divorce, worked hard to control her weight and her arrhythmia. The last thing she needs is another man messing with her head or shooting her heartbeat off course. That is exactly what she gets when an aloof and mysterious stranger storms into her life.

He's cynical and doesn’t take crap from anyone....

Former investigative reporter Vince Knight is on a quest to recover a priceless, ancient Mayan artifact, which he believes Jade’s mother stole. He’s skilled at gathering information while remaining emotionally detached, until he meets Jade. The voluptuous woman stirs in him a hunger he hasn’t felt in a long time and a protectiveness he can’t explain.

Until, an insane man decides to add Jade to his collection of beautiful and rare things....

Neither Vince nor Jade expects passion to flare so fast or danger to dodge their footsteps. To defeat a ruthless art collector with a twisted agenda, Jade and Vince must learn to trust each other and embrace their growing feelings.

 She's used to putting everyone first—her sister, her friends, her boss. It’s now her turn...

Art conservator, Kara Michaels has decided it’s time to chase her dream—start her own business restoring and framing works of art. She has the skills, the nose for business, and the pent-up frustration from being invisible to the man she wants but can’t have—her boss.

He’s a meticulous planner whose rule book is about to be tossed out the window...

Baron Fitzgerald, a successful art dealer and Kara’s boss, believes in having a strategy and following it without deviation. So when Kara tenders her resignation, he sets out to convince her to stay.Baron soon realizes that falling in love cannot be planned, but the insight comes a little too late for him and Kara.

 She has her emotions on a tight leash…

Born to a Las Vegas showgirl, fashion designer Faith Fitzgerald’s childhood was not easy, until her father found her and whisked her off to L.A. to join his wealthy family.

The rejection by some of her family members hurt, but Faith has moved on. Or so she thinks. She works hard and never lets her guard down, until the day she discovers that someone stole and sold her designs to her competitor and former mentor. To catch the thief and salvage her collection for Fall Fashion Week, Faith turns to her ex-lover, a man who works under the radar and gets results fast. The problem is she has not seen him since she dumped him so unceremoniously.

He’s laid-back and spontaneous…

When former-FBI-agent-turned-security-consultant Kenneth ‘Ken’ Lambert receives a call from Faith asking for his services, he sees a chance to payback the gorgeous designer for the way she used him then walked out on him. But then he learns that she is being victimized by a man whose idea of love is both dangerous and toxic, Ken pushes aside his personal agenda and agrees to help her.

As their investigation progresses, Ken discovers that Faith’s calm exterior hides a woman of character and strength, a woman on the verge of falling apart. Can he help her find the answers she seeks or will she accept his offer instead—acceptance, unconditional love and support?

And one winner will get their choice between one of these awesome reads.... 

 Final Mission

After being seriously wounded in a copter crash in Iraq Sgt. Emily Dahill meets her new partner as she embarks on her new Army career as a CID agent. Who could this new partner be?

A Body in the Snow

Emily and her partner, Dakota, cross bullets with their most determined foe. Who will survive?

Right Place, Wrong Day

On leave to hang with friends Emily gets the surprise of her life.

Dog on Fishing

When it comes to knowing how to fish, and catch the big ones, never underestimate your partner. He might surprise you

 When a call for paws goes out, five friends bring their collies without question to a friend’s house. They learn the collies are needed to help seven children with the grief of losing a parent in Iraq or Afghanistan. Now, with seven friends, four collie yearlings and their mother, they set out to help the children

Not far away a mother hopefully leads her seven puppies to safety from a man intent on selling them for illicit purposes.

By a miracle of fate the two mother collies find each other right before the man sells the puppies.

That Christmas morning will be one the children will remember all their lives and they are united with the puppies.

As a side note, I will be donating a portion of the royalties from this book to the collie rescue group where I found the original Kebi

 Special Agent Emily Dahill, Dakota along with her team of technicians are sent to Master Sergeant Annabelle Carlyle’s Victorian style house for what they think is a simple break-in. What they find however, turns out to be even more ominous. A secret passageway leads to a mysterious gunshot. When the prime suspect is cleared they still have no clue who the shooter is, or why. Could the shooter be the same individual who took a shot at Dakota?

Add into the mix the FBI and their unexpected involvement in the case. Soon they learn the break-in had been a cover-up for a more nefarious crime. One that involves Emily’s nemesis, the brown-haired man, and millions of dollars being sent to terrorists. Will they solve the case before the money disappears forever and more bodies turn up? Not even the inestimable Dakota is sure

So now that you know what is up for grabs just fill out the Rafflecopter below and you will be entered.... 

Blogversary Celebration Day 1 (4/30/12)

Today is a day to celebrate let me correct that this whole week is a celebration! Its been one year since I started up United By Books with my passion for reading. I wanted to share my love of books with reviews. I hope the reviews make an impact on your guys. While doing this I have met amazing authors I would not have known or read had I not taken the chance. An lets just face it the reading community is fierce....from the authors who write to feed our the readers who love to read and support them and to my fellow reviewers who go out of their way to read, pimp and spread the word as I do. Each one of you guys are amazing! So now it's time to celebrate!!! There will be two giveaways a day. Thanks to some amazing donations. Today I am starting it off with two books I bought for this event. 

So grab a slice of cake 

and a glass of champagne and enjoy this week long of festivities......

The two books up for grabs today are......

The passion and suspense of Cherry Adair’s latest killer trilogy, begun in Night Fall and continued in Night Secrets, now reaches its explosive conclusion in Night Shadow, as mismatched international agents take on evil head-to-head–and each other heart-to-heart.

Aside from working for the international anti-terrorism agency T-FLAC (and having the same last name), Lexi Stone and Alex Stone are polar opposites, right down to Lexi’s mere mortality and Alex’s paranormal powers. While straight-arrow Lexi pushes paper at an Internal Affairs desk, renegade Alex is busy pushing the envelope as he pursues the most dangerous global criminals. And though Lexi disdains his rule-breaking bravado and cowboy tactics, she can’t deny Alex’s skills when it comes to getting his man (not to mention any number of women)–just as she can’t ignore how his roguish charm makes her heart race and her temperature rise.

But Lexi’s secret desires clash head-on with her duties when suspicions arise that Alex is poised to switch sides–and join forces with a European terrorist cell. Tapped for her first field mission, Lexi finds herself assigned to shadow Alex’s every move, and if necessary, terminate him. Despite her feelings, Lexi’s willing and able to carry out her orders, as long there’s proof that Alex is a traitor. But getting the goods–and the drop–on her superagent quarry becomes an even tougher task when Lexi and Alex suddenly find themselves partners on an emergency mission in Russia.

When terrorists seize a busy Moscow railway station for ransom, then abruptly massacre their hostages and vanish into thin air, the agents realize they’re facing adversaries possessing of the same paranormal abilities as Alex’s elite T-FLAC/psi unit. But after Lexi kills an armed suspect during a breathless rooftop chase, she makes a series of shocking discoveries about the enemy T-FLAC is facing, the troubling truth Alex has been concealing, and the terrifying plot of a treacherous mastermind that could spell the downfall of T-FLAC’s most powerful and valued operatives. To save precious lives and stop the rise of a superhuman terrorist threat, Lexi and Alex must work as a well-oiled team in a race across the globe–and against time–with lethal shadows looming behind them, and no one to trust but each other.


The Coven of the Unbinding never forgets what's theirs.

Juliet Carpenter thought of the coven as family, but when she falls for a man who betrays them all, she's left alone and desperately searching for a reason why. Caleb Leigh has spent the past year in hiding, unable to escape his demons. When Juliet finds him again, her need for vengeance clashes with the hunger still burning between them.

It's a fight born from the embers of a half-forgotten attraction and the wounds of a past too raw to ignore. With enemies circling and secrets threatening to consume them all, Caleb has no choice but to fulfill a promise made long ago--protect her, save her. Even if it costs him his blood, his body... and what's left of his mind. 

Now just take the time to fill out the Rafflecopter below to be entered in the giveaway. 

Beg For It by Stacey Kenedy - Reveal

Pact of Seduction Book Two

Publisher: Loose Id

Release date: May 29, 2012


The Pact of Seduction has one rule—fulfill your ultimate fantasy. Bella’s problem, she can’t live up to her vow. But her failure spins events that lead her into unknown territory. Kole, a Dom at the sex club Castle Dolce Vita, wasn’t part of her fantasy, but he’s about to show her he should have been.

Kole is more than willing to introduce Bella to BDSM since he’s held an interest in her for some time. But the feisty woman isn’t easily tamed and her strong personality proves to be difficult. While she might be determined to keep him at a distance, Kole has other ideas. He won’t allow her to shut him out.

A pact between best friends brought them together, emotional barriers tear them apart. Kole skillfully reminds Bella through pleasure and punishment that she is now his submissive, and her place is under his command.

Winner of Carrie Ann Ryan's Guest Post and Giveaway

Thanks to Carrie Ann Ryan for taking over the blog the other day with such a great post.....and thanks to all who stopped by and commented! If you didn't win this time stick around this week is gonna be filled with giveaways! Now for what you guys have been waiting for.....

Winner of a autographed swag pack from Carrie Ann Ryan is

 Gale Nelson

Congrats huns i will be emailing you shortly. If you see this before hand you can send me a email at Lindseyhutchison605(at)gmail(dot)com

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Review for Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward

Title : Lover Eternal
Author: J.R. Ward

Description: In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there's a deadly turf war raging between vampires and their slayers. There exists a secret bound of brothers like no other-six vampire warriors, defenders of their race. Possessed by a deadly beast Rhage is the most dangerous of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

Within the brotherhood, Rhage is the vampire with the strongest appetites. He's the best fighter, the quickest to act on his impulses, and the most voracious lover-for inside him burns ferocious curse cast by the Scribe Virgin. Owned by this dark side, Rhage fears the time when his inner dragon is unleashed, making him a danger to everyone around him.

Mary Luce, a survivor of many hardships is unwittingly thrown into the vampire world and reliant to Rhage's protection. With a life-threatening curse of her own, Mary is not looking for love. She lost her faith in miracles years ago. But when Rhage's intense animal attraction turns into something more emotional, he knows that he must make Mary his alone. And while their enemies close in, Mary fights desperately to gain life eternal with the one she loves..

My Thoughts: We are back in the thrilling world of the Brotherhood and the Lessers we love to hate. In this book we meet Mary Luce, who has not had a easy life. She has faced a lot of battles from the care-taking and watching of her mom being put through the ringer until illness took her. As well as fighting her own battle with cancer. Just when she thought it was all over, she had survived and was about to get back into the pit, she finds out it's back. In the midst of this a boy, actually a guy who has been calling the hotline she works for, finally comes out of the shadows. Mary instantly takes him under her wing. Bella, her new neighbor, and unknown to her is a "civilian", recognizes what John Mathews is really. He is destined to be part of the Brotherhood. Just one problem though, he can't speak, but can sign to communicate. Only Mary knows how to talk with him. Bella contacts the Brotherhood to let them know about John Mathews and is told to bring him in, as well as Mary to interpret for them. 
Rhage, after recovering from his beastly change, is walking the corridor. Though all his senses aren't back, he is drawn to Mary and soon has her pinned against the wall close to taking what he wants, but is told to go. That will not be the last of it. Once you want something as bad as he wants Mary nothing will keep him away. He contacts Bella and has her set up a date. Mary goes into the date and can't fathom how some incredibly hot guy would want her, when it's obvious he could have any woman he desired. To Rhage however, there is only Mary. Even though he should give her up, he can't find it in his heart to let her pull away from him. Will she be able to accept him and the beast when even he doesn't believe he is worthy of her? 
Can I first say 'What the heck took me so long to read Rhage's story!' I read this book as a break from reviews and I fell in love with the BDB world again. Rhage is known for his beautiful, movie star good looks. Not to mention his sexual prowless, that makes him a complete man-whore. You think he would like getting lucky all the time, but in reality, after being cursed by a scribe, the only way to keep the beast at bay is fighting and sex. Underneath it all Rhage is vulnerable and not thrilled with what he has to do. It's just a means to an end, but with Mary it's different. One touch and his body awakens, with the beast near, and even though he wants her more then anything, he is scared he will hurt her. There were a few things he did that had me yelling at my book. I won't say them so not to spoil it for you all. All and all I loved Rhage and his beast. Mary was a great leading lady for him. She has faced her battles and though the moments where she has low self-esteem kills me, in truth, it makes her more real. What woman hasn't second guessed herself over one of her perceived flaws at one time or another. Other than that, she is sweet yet fierce. Loyal and loving, with the strength to take on the man and the beast. Even at her weakest moment she is thinking of others. J.R. Ward had me on a roller coaster of emotions. I laughed, wanted to yell at a few of the characters, and I cried. The love between Rhage and Mary touched my heart and had me rooting for them, even crying for them at times. This book is definitely one worth reading. It will make you fall more in love, not only with the leading characters Rhage and Mary, but once again with all the Brothers and the stories you know are just waiting to be told. I can't wait until I can dig into Z's story! I am a "Lover Eternal" of J.R. Ward and the Brotherhood.
5 out of 5 stars
You can purchase it here: 

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Review for The Rebellious Princess Chooses Two Lovers by Carolyn Rosewood

Title: The Rebellious Princess Chooses Two Lovers
Author: Carolyn Rosewood

Description:  In a post-apocalyptic world where pseudo-medieval kingdoms have once again evolved. Princess Cadence of the New  West Dominion, a woman used to getting as much sex as she wants, is being forced to choose just one lover, and to keep face with the other kingdoms her parents are insisting he be a real prince.

Dominic of the Northern Free Zone has been sent a royal invitation by Queen Sasha and King Lassiter by mistake. He's bored at home, and has heard of Cadence and her skills in the bedroom, so he dresses the part of a prince and sets off for her castle.

It soon becomes apparent she's more than he bargained for - in and out of the bedroom - and when he realizes she has a soft spot for Ethan, one of the royal gardeners, and that the man is totally besotted with her, he invites Ethan to join them in bed.

My Thoughts: Cadence was once burned and is now twice shy, refusing to ever love again, but to use men for her pleasure. Who doesn't like a good romp session? Then again, every princess must behave a certain way. Not our Cadence though, she has two princes after her heart! Ok maybe not princes in the original sense of the word, but in my eyes they were very much princes. Dominic is bored at home and has heard stories about Cadence. So when he gets a royal invitation by mistake, who is he to pass it up. All he has is seduction and pleasure in his head anyway. Then you have Ethan, the lowly servant who has loved her from afar and was invited to join in the pleasures of the body. How can he pass this up, even if it´s sharing the woman he has loved and lusted about for years.
Rosewood you naughty woman!! This book is filled with some extremely hot and sexual scenes that will have your fantasies working overtime. Not only that, it´s set as a fairy tale in the way it opens " Once Upon A Time", but this is not your normal fairy tale. This is your grown up version. Where the princess is headstrong and knows what she wants and goes after it. You have to love that in your leading lady. Then you have Dominic, who is complete Alpha male hiding his softer side. Not to mention Ethan, who is compassionate and tender. Together, they are perfect pieces to a puzzle which is why it works. Plus, how combustible they are when they are in the sexual throws of pleasure. I´ve read Rosewood's work before and this is different from what I have read, but just as great. This book may get you hot and bothered or if you don't like plenty of steamy encounters, it will not be the book for you. It personally fed my smut addiction with a whole lot of goodness. I can't wait to see what else Rosewood has up her sleeve.
4 out of 5 stars
You can purchase it here: 
costs: 3.99
You can find Carolyn here: 

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Guest Post and Giveaway With Carrie Ann Ryan

A Character Post from Reed and Hannah

Reed: *Reed, the artist of the Redwood Pack, walks in* So, you asked me to talk about what it’s like to be a werewolf? Well, it’s not that simple is it? Nothing real or imaginary ever is. But for me, it’s a constant battle between the two halves of my soul. I’m a human…sometimes. I’m an animal…sometimes. But more often than not, I’m a dichotomy of both.
Hannah: *Hannah, the Healer of the Redwood Pack, walks in* Yes, and that’s why I love you. I’m a witch, not a wolf. But I too, have two halves of my soul. The woman who tries to be independent, and the witch who strives for a balance in her power. It’s never easy, but it’s what I am.
Reed: *kisses her brow* Yes, and that is why I love you.
Hannah: *blushes*
Reed: Now that we’ve bored you…
Hannah: Reed! This stuff is important!
Reed: I know that, but I think they also want us here because they want to know the juicy stuff. *grins*
Hannah: *throws up hands* I swear, even in the middle of a battle, all you think about is sex.
Reed: And you’re complaining. I thought you liked it. *kisses her softly*
Hannah: *pulls away and blushes* Reed, people are watching.
Reed: And?
Hannah: *sighs* I swear… I should go see how Josh is doing with his training.
Reed: He’s fine, you can feel him through our bond. He’ll be around later.
Hannah: You see people, this is what it’s like to have two mates. I swear I spend most of my days dealing with the two of them.
Reed: And enjoying it.
Hannah: *blush* Okay then…I think it’s time to say goodbye now. Say goodbye, Reed.
Reed: Goodbye Reed.
Hannah: I swear you’re like 12, not almost 100.
Reed: *looks solemn* Goodbye, readers. I’m sure I will see you again. Enjoy your days.
Hannah: *rolls her eyes* I love you, my wolf. Bye, folks. 
We’re here for a little while to answer any of your questions, so be sure to do so. And Carrie Ann is giving away an autographed swag pack if you’re interested.
Reed: *picks up Hannah and throws her over his shoulder* We’ll be back soon…*growls playfully*

 Author Bio: 
Carrie Ann Ryan is a bestselling paranormal and contemporary romance author. After spending too much time behind a lab bench, she decided to dive into the romance world and find her werewolf mate - even if its just in her books. Happy endings are always near - even if you have to get over the challenges of falling in love first.
Her first book, An Alpha's Path, is the first in her Redwood Pack series. She's also an avid reader and lover of romance and fiction novels. She loves meeting new authors and new worlds. Any recommendations you have are appreciated. Carrie Ann lives in New England with her husband and two kittens.
Carrie Ann loves hearing from readers. You can find her at:

Twitter: @CarrieAnnRyan | Tumblr

An Alpha’s Path Amazon  Barnes & Noble ARe A Taste for a Mate Amazon Barnes & Noble ARe Trinity Bound AmazonBarnes&Noble ARe

 Trinity Bound Blurb
Hannah Lewis, a rare earth witch, is taken from the only life she’s ever known. Held at her will by a sadistic wolf, she almost gives up hope that she’d ever see her real life again. But as her fellow captive, a werewolf named Reed, tries to calm her fears, she begins to feel a spark of something she never thought she’d feel – love. But is Reed, alone, enough to get her out of this dark basement so she can move on with her life?
Reed Jamenson, the artist of a werewolf Pack of Alpha males, knows instinctually that Hannah is his mate. Thus, despite their imprisonment, he will do all to protect her and then worry about their hearts. But is he strong enough to find a way for both of them to escape? And why does he feel as though something else is missing?
Josh Kolb, an ex-military human, stumbles upon Reed and Hannah and finds he must trust this new world of supernatural beings to survive. But that desire will lead the three to a triangle of attraction that will test the boundaries they all possess and its consequences in defeating the enemy. Can they all trust one another to save themselves and life as they know it? Even at the cost of their own hearts?

Trinity Bound Excerpt
Hannah put her hand on Josh’s arm, a jolt of electricity flashing between the two. She gasped and he held back the urge to do the same. She gave him a smile and he desperately wanted to brush the curls from her face, soothing the bruises that couldn’t hide her radiant beauty. Reed crouched behind her, still protective. He too was beautiful, his chiseled cheekbones pronounced against the shadowed, healing bruises. 
Crap. He could understand thinking sexy thoughts about Hannah, but since when did he start thinking males were attractive in any way? Either that weird connection confused him, or he was really falling for Reed. He didn't know which one, if either, he wanted to be true.
Reed bent over Hannah to whisper to them both. "Camera."
"Don't worry about them now. We have about ten more minutes and then we'd have to worry."
They both looked curious with a similar tilt to their heads, but didn't say anything, merely nodding.
"Who are you?" Reed whispered, leaning closer.
"Josh." Why the hell did he say his name? He was never a name, just a presence, on any other mission. Why did he want them to know his name? Know him? " I'm know one. Just a friend." 
"Your human." Hannah's surprised gasp was still whispered.

Review for An Alpha's Path (Redwood Pack Book One) by Carrie Ann Ryan

Title: An Alpha's Path
Author: Carrie Ann Ryan

Description: Melanie is a twenty-five year old chemist who has spent all of her adult life slaving at school. With her PhD in hand, she's to start her dream job, but before she does, her friend persuades her to relax and try to live again. A blind date set up through her friends seems like the perfect solution. Melanie can take one night away from the lab and let her inner vixen out on a fixed blind date - a chance to get crazy with a perfect stranger. The gorgeous hunk she's to meet exceeds her wildest dreams – but he is more than what he appears and Melanie's analytical mind goes into overdrive.

Kade, a slightly older werewolf (at over one hundred years), needs a night way from the Pack. Too many responsibilities and one near miss with a potential mate made Kade hide in his work, the only peace he can find. His brother convinces him to meet the sexy woman for a one night of fun. What could it hurt? But when he finds this woman could be his mate, can he convince her to leave her orderly, sane world and be with him and his wolf-half, for life?

My Thoughts: After being solely focused on her work and getting her PhD, Melanie has wasted a lot of time. All work and no play makes Melanie a boring girl. Same goes for Kade, who threw himself into his work after losing a potential mate. So Melanie's friend and Kade's brother set them up on a blind date. Melanie is all for a no strings attached, one night of pure bliss sex. Little does she know, she is about to get thrown into the paranormal world. You see, Kade is a werewolf, who has just scented his mate. After a very pleasureable night in bed with Kade, he lets the truth out and Melanie has to decide if she can deal with it. Not only that, but there is another who claims to potentially be her mate as well.
This is the first book in the "Redwood Pack Series". At only 81 pages, it's a quick read, that you will be able to get through in one sitting or a day. Melanie was shy and sweet and a totally about her work, but when she lets her inhibitions down, she doesn't hold back. When it comes to finally getting down and dirty, Melanie has no restrictions. I loved Kade. It was great to see the debates going on between him and his wolf. Where the wolf is pure instinct to claim their mate no matter what, Kade is the essence of reason, with his human part talking the wolf into wooing Melanie. Who doesn't love a slightly wounded Alpha and hopes he gets what he deserves in the end. I will say, at times, Melanie made me want to scream with her nervous and indecisiveness, but made up for it at the end of the book. The love scenes were hot and I enjoyed my first experience into the "Redwood Pack". My only complaint is that it was too short. I would have loved it longer, but I think Ryan has something with this series. I can't wait to read "Taste For A Mate" and "Trinity" which are longer. Other than that, for an intro, it has a smooth flow, definite sexiness in the right areas, romance, some action and who doesn't love a wolf? Ryan has definitely gained me as a new reader. 

4 out of 5 stars

You can purchase it here:

costs: .99

You can find Carrie Ann Ryan here: 

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Winner of Rebecca Zanetti's Guest Post Giveaway

I want to take the time to thank Rebecca Zanetti for being on the blog as well as Books-N- Kisses for putting this tour together. I would also like to thank everyone who stopped by and participated. I hope you had a wonderful time during the tour. If you didn't win this time there will be more giveaway's in the future so keep checking back.

Now without no more wait a big

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Review for Darkness Seduced by Stephanie Rowe

Title: Darkness Seduced (Order of the Blade: Primal Heat Trilogy #2)
Author: Stephanie Rowe

Description: Immortal warrior Gideon Roarke made an oath five hundred years ago to the woman who died for him. The ancient Calydon is ruthless in his quest to honor that promise, even if it means risking everything by teaming up with the one woman who will either destroy him, or finally bring redemption to his blackened, hardened soul.

After escaping from a two-year imprisonment at the hands of a madman, the only thing Lily Davenport wants is to go home and reclaim her life. Unfortunately for Lily, standing between her and that goal is a sensual, demanding protector whose dangerous seduction threatens to claim her life…and her soul.

My Thoughts: "Order of the Blade" has become a highly addictive and thrilling paranormal series that leaves you satisfied, yet craving the next book right after you get to the last page. Leaving you thinking, even crying out, "No!! I don't want to wait! I want it now!!" Stephanie Rowe has created such an amazing world with her fierce, sexy Calydons and their equally determined, strong women. In "Darkness Seduced", we run into Gideon, who promised to find Lily after they rescued Ana. Lily, who has been held captive by Nate for two years, is just about out of hope, but she is a fighter and does not give in. Known for her knowledge and seminars on the Calydon world, Lily is an expert. She has spent her entire life learning about them never expecting this would lure her into capture, though she knew there would be risks. When Nate doesn't return after a week, Lily is relieved. She hopes that Ana has gotten away to find help and Nate must be dead. Mixed with the hope is fear that she will die in this place that has been her personal hell, but refuses to give in. Gideon arrives here to rescue her, as promised, but there is a battle against rogue Calydons to protect her. While they are battling, Lily takes advantage and flees the scene. Briefly, she feels utter relief. Freedom is at her fingertips, yet there are more rogue Calydons on her tail. There is also Gideon. He is after the rogues, but distracted. For some reason, he is drawn to Lily, despite trying to keep his mind focused squarely on the mission. He needs to protect her, save her and not just because of the mission. His determination leads to him saving her again from the rogues. Gideon hears bells, which happens to be Lily's magic. She is Santika, a rare find. The Santika draw magic from the earth and this magic comes alive for the Calydon destined to be their chosen mate. Both Gideon and Lily thought they were safe together. Even though they were drawn to each other, Gideon had already found his Sheva and watched her die. Between Lily's music calling to him and his brand on her arm, they are in for quite a ride to beat destiny.

Rowe takes you on a ride where you will be falling in love with Gideon and Lily as you experience all the emotions they go through. You will feel the love and passion, as well as the anger and hate. The big, bad warrior Calydon feels guilty over what he had to do, even though it was to protect everyone. The end will have you questioning what has happened as it turns into an "Oh My God!" moment. I can safely say there is never a dull moment when you have the Order facing off to save the world against the evil of  Ezekiel
. I can't wait for Elijah in "Darkness Surrender" (Coming out May 15th) or for Stephanie Rowe to seduce me once more into the darkness that is the Calydon world. 

5 out of 5 stars

You can purchase it here:

Darkness Seduces Kindle Edition  
costs: 3.99

You can find Stephanie Rowe here: 

Stephanie Rowe;s Author Facebook Page 

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Winner's of Vicky Dreiling's How To Ravish A Rake Tour

I want to first say a huge thanks to Vicky Dreiling and Forever Romance for letting me review and be a part of this amazing tour. As well as thank everyone who stopped by and commented or entered. If you did not win this time there will me more contest in the future .

Now without any more wait the three winners have been picked and emailed and have 72 hours to respond or a new winner will be picked. 

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Guest Post and Giveaway with Rebecca Zanetti

United By Books was pleased to let Rebecca Zanetti take over the page today.....

First, I’d like to say thank you to the United by Books crew for having me over today – I love reading the reviews here, and it’s an honor to be able to jump in and play.  I’d also like to thank Kelly Mueller from Books-N-Kisses for putting together such an awesome blog tour for Hunted’s release.

Hunted is the third book in the Dark Protector series, and the first one that features a witch as a heroine.  Her name is Moira Dunne.  Witches in Moira’s world use quantum physics and string theory to alter matter…no mysterious hocus pocus.  I had some fun creating a witch and even thought about what I’d do if I had magical powers to alter matter.

The first thing I’d do would be to drop twenty pounds and give myself abs of steel.  Yeah, I know…come on.  Sure, I’d cure all illnesses and erase hunger and war.  But first, abs of steel.  Then the illnesses and war.  I think it’d be a lot easier to erase illness and hunger if I had abs of steel.  Don’t you?

Besides being a witch, Moira is a normal woman fighting to find her way in life.  Destiny has declared her to have one path, and her very sexy, Alpha mate wants her on another.  The problem is, Moira wants to follow her own way.  I think a lot of us can relate to this dilemma.  We’re supposed to be one way, except our hearts tell us to forge another path.  Whether it’s to get married, to be a stay at home mom, to be a career woman…there are so many ways to go, and only we can determine which way is right for us.   Moira has to not only figure out her path, but then she has to fight for it.  She does. : )

Of course, the stronger the heroine, the stronger the hero has to be.  Conn Kayrs is the ultimate soldier—a tough guy with a sweet side.  While he and Moira struggle to find their way…not once does he waiver from his devotion and strong belief that the two of them can make it.  Of course, Moira almost has to blow him up for his Alpha tendencies to relax, but hey, for witches, that’s just dating.

BIO:   Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator, Senate aide, lawyer, college professor and a hearing examiner - only to culminate it all in stories about vampires and science. She is a member of RWA and several of its chapters and has won awards for her works throughout the industry.
Her favorite movie is "Life with Father" and her favorite book is "Raise High the Roofbeams, Carpenters." She has a journalism degree with a poly sci emphasis from Pepperdine and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Idaho.
Please visit Rebecca at:
Please drop by and like her Facebook page:  

Ready or Not

Moira Dunne is a witch-the quantum physics kind. Time and space are her playthings. Which might explain why her one-night stand from a hundred years ago has turned up to "claim" her-and request her family's assistance with the war he's brewing. But the more she learns about Connlan Kayrs, the more she comes to think this is normal behavior for him ...
                       There's Nowhere to Hide 

When Conn and Moira tumble on the moonlit grass, Conn hadn't meant to mark her for his mate of all time. She was only twenty! But it wasn't easy to wait for her. It was even harder to forget her. So when he finally returns for his wicked-hot witch, he's ready to let the sparks fly. Even if he burns up in flames ...
So, to celebrate Moira’s triumph, I’d like to give away a signed copy of either Fated or Claimed to one commenter here today.  Let me ask you this:  Did you always know your path in life…or are you still uncovering it?

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Vicky Dreiling's How To Ravish A Rake Tour - Giveaway And My Review

How To Ravish A Rake
Book 3 in the " How To" Series
By Vicky Dreiling

March 27, 2012
Amy Hardwick has one last Season to shake off her wallflower image and make a love match. If she can’t, she’ll set aside her dreams of romance and return home to a suitor who can provide security—if little else. What she doesn’t count on is the inappropriate—and irresistible—attention lavished on her in a darkened library by rake extraordinaire Will “The Devil” Darcett . . .

When Will is caught in a tryst with the ton’s shyest miss, he knows he must offer for her hand. Yet Amy is not the shrinking violet she seems to be. Passion lies beneath her prim exterior and Will is eager to release it. But winning Amy isn’t simply a matter of seduction; first, Will must convince her that he’s mended his wicked ways . . .

My Thoughts:  "How To Ravish A Rake" is book three in Dreiling's "How To" Series. You will encounter characters you may have seen in previous books. I couldn't wait for this installment thanks in part to shy, wallflower Amy. For some reason, that part of her I connected to and had me waiting to see her story. My waiting paid off as it was not a disappointment. Amy has decided on her last Season that she was going out with a bang. Amy uses her talent for designs and fabric to help her break out from the shy, aloof, wallflower image. Though there was a vulnerability that came from the change, she had the guts to want to turn it around before giving in and settling for a suitor just for security as opposed to love.

Will "the devil" Darcett has been running from his family for awhile. Family meetings, balls, and working in general is just not his thing. He would much rather be traveling with his friends. He then got the news that his funds will be held. In a last ditch effort to continue his travel, he gets himself in a pickle. His friends devise a plan to marry a heiress to solve all his problems.

Will and Amy get caught in a compromising position, even if it may have been innocent and Will steps up to be the gentleman hiding under that rake facade, saving Amy's reputation. Amy is the one girl who doesn't fall for Will's charm and Will has always liked a challenge. The marriage and courtship that follow had me swooning one minute to not wanting it to end in the next. It was a heartmelting and breathtaking story. Watching as events unfolded and seeing Will fall for Amy, was delightful. The passion between the two was exceptionally hot. The bantor was also witty and refreshing enjoyable. I have to take a minute from Amy and Will to give Aunt Hester the credit she needs. I loved that woman! She had me dying with laughter. Let's not forget Grandmama either, with the Scottish and kilts. Oh my you naughty woman! I would definitely recommend this book. I loved every page I read and did not want it to end. Historical romance isn't as much my thing a paranormal romance, Dreiling has definitely converted me! I love this series . I look forward to see what Vicky Dreiling will be coming out with next. I know at least one or two more characters that I want to see a story on in the future

5 out of 5 stars

Details : 
Publisher: Forever Romance
ISBN: 978-0446565400
Length: 384 pages 

About The Author : 

Vicky Dreiling is a confirmed historical romance junkie and Anglophile. Frequent business trips to the UK allowed her to indulge her passion for all things Regency England. Bath, Stonehenge, and Spencer House are among her favorite places. She is, however, truly sorry for accidentally setting off a security alarm in Windsor Castle. That unfortunate incident led her British colleagues to nickname her "Trouble."

When she's not writing, Vicky enjoys reading, films, concerts, and, most of all, long lunches with friends. She holds degrees in English literature and marketing. A native Texan, she shares her home with her daughter and a spoiled mini-lop rabbit who lives in a slightly gnawed cardboard cottage.

You can learn more at:
Twitter @vickydreiling
Now For the Giveaway : 
 Thanks to Forever Romance

-It's open to US residents only :( Sorry.

-No P.O. Boxes, please.
-Giveaway copies will be sent directly to winners
 Want a chance to win one of three copies of How to Ravish a Rake?  Please fill out the Rafflecopter from below.