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Review for Darkness Seduced by Stephanie Rowe

Title: Darkness Seduced (Order of the Blade: Primal Heat Trilogy #2)
Author: Stephanie Rowe

Description: Immortal warrior Gideon Roarke made an oath five hundred years ago to the woman who died for him. The ancient Calydon is ruthless in his quest to honor that promise, even if it means risking everything by teaming up with the one woman who will either destroy him, or finally bring redemption to his blackened, hardened soul.

After escaping from a two-year imprisonment at the hands of a madman, the only thing Lily Davenport wants is to go home and reclaim her life. Unfortunately for Lily, standing between her and that goal is a sensual, demanding protector whose dangerous seduction threatens to claim her life…and her soul.

My Thoughts: "Order of the Blade" has become a highly addictive and thrilling paranormal series that leaves you satisfied, yet craving the next book right after you get to the last page. Leaving you thinking, even crying out, "No!! I don't want to wait! I want it now!!" Stephanie Rowe has created such an amazing world with her fierce, sexy Calydons and their equally determined, strong women. In "Darkness Seduced", we run into Gideon, who promised to find Lily after they rescued Ana. Lily, who has been held captive by Nate for two years, is just about out of hope, but she is a fighter and does not give in. Known for her knowledge and seminars on the Calydon world, Lily is an expert. She has spent her entire life learning about them never expecting this would lure her into capture, though she knew there would be risks. When Nate doesn't return after a week, Lily is relieved. She hopes that Ana has gotten away to find help and Nate must be dead. Mixed with the hope is fear that she will die in this place that has been her personal hell, but refuses to give in. Gideon arrives here to rescue her, as promised, but there is a battle against rogue Calydons to protect her. While they are battling, Lily takes advantage and flees the scene. Briefly, she feels utter relief. Freedom is at her fingertips, yet there are more rogue Calydons on her tail. There is also Gideon. He is after the rogues, but distracted. For some reason, he is drawn to Lily, despite trying to keep his mind focused squarely on the mission. He needs to protect her, save her and not just because of the mission. His determination leads to him saving her again from the rogues. Gideon hears bells, which happens to be Lily's magic. She is Santika, a rare find. The Santika draw magic from the earth and this magic comes alive for the Calydon destined to be their chosen mate. Both Gideon and Lily thought they were safe together. Even though they were drawn to each other, Gideon had already found his Sheva and watched her die. Between Lily's music calling to him and his brand on her arm, they are in for quite a ride to beat destiny.

Rowe takes you on a ride where you will be falling in love with Gideon and Lily as you experience all the emotions they go through. You will feel the love and passion, as well as the anger and hate. The big, bad warrior Calydon feels guilty over what he had to do, even though it was to protect everyone. The end will have you questioning what has happened as it turns into an "Oh My God!" moment. I can safely say there is never a dull moment when you have the Order facing off to save the world against the evil of  Ezekiel
. I can't wait for Elijah in "Darkness Surrender" (Coming out May 15th) or for Stephanie Rowe to seduce me once more into the darkness that is the Calydon world. 

5 out of 5 stars

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