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Dangerous Love Review Tour For E.B. Walters and Giveaway

Title: Dangerous Love
Author : E.B. Walters
Description: She has her emotions on a tight leash… 

Born to a Las Vegas showgirl, fashion designer Faith Fitzgerald’s childhood was not easy, until her father found her and whisked her off to L.A. to join his wealthy family. 

The rejection by some of her family members hurt, but Faith has moved on. Or so she thinks. She works hard and never lets her guard down, until the day she discovers that someone stole and sold her designs to her competitor and former mentor. To catch the thief and salvage her collection for Fall Fashion Week, Faith turns to her ex-lover, a man who works under the radar and gets results fast. The problem is she has not seen him since she dumped him so unceremoniously. 

He’s laid-back and spontaneous… 

When former-FBI-agent-turned-security-consultant Kenneth ‘Ken’ Lambert receives a call from Faith asking for his services, he sees a chance to payback the gorgeous designer for the way she used him then walked out on him. But then he learns that she is being victimized by a man whose idea of love is both dangerous and toxic, Ken pushes aside his personal agenda and agrees to help her. 

As their investigation progresses, Ken discovers that Faith’s calm exterior hides a woman of character and strength, a woman on the verge of falling apart. Can he help her find the answers she seeks or will she accept his offer instead—acceptance, unconditional love and support?
My Thoughts: "Dangerous Love" is book four in the Fitzgerald's Series. I will have to admit I was swooning over Baron in "Kiss Me Crazy", but Ednah Walters took it to the next level in “Dangerous Love“. This is Faith’s story. On the night of Ashley and Ron's wedding, Faith manages to have a passionate roll in bed with Ken, then she up and left without him knowing. Bring in present day and a revelation that one of her patrons brought forth that someone stole her design after seeing it on another person. Not only that, it was her EX-Jerk of a boyfriend who stole her designs before. So what’s a girl to do when she doesn't want to bring her family into the mix? Go to sexy hot, Mr. One Night Stand himself, Ken, for help. Ken takes it on, but this time he is playing for keeps with Faith's passionate side. He wants it all, even if it means breaking down her wall one brick at a time; one passionate encounter at a time, all while helping her figure out who was behind the stealing of her designs.
Where to start? I loved Faith. This character reminds me of myself for most of it. She is strong, smart, beautiful, and independent. She doesn't want to be a burden on anyone, least of all her family. She puts so much hard work into the one thing she loves, her designs for fashion, and wants to make a impact. Ken is what I would call an alpha male with a soft center for the woman he can't get out of his head and heart. He made me swoon. Walters had me from the start, then a twist thickened my anticipation which I was least expecting. It kept me intrigued. I would go on a mix of swoon-festing to lusting then I would also burst out laughing at parts, coming full emotional circle with cussing out a few of the not particularly nice characters (a.k.a. the evil no-good thieving ones who shall remain quiet until you read the book). Just when I thought I had it all figured out. I had the mystery put back in when her cousin, Eddie revealed something. You have to admire faith with her steady determination to not let it beat her. You will fall in love and root for this couple the whole book. Walters definitely brought it in this book filled with romance, passion, deceit and danger. This is one series you will just keep wanting more of. I know I am already desperately wanting Lex and Eddie's books. Another good thing about this series is they can be read as stand alones. Although she brings the other characters back throughout the books, which I love, they don’t own the story playing out now. If your like me you though, you’ll want to see what part they play and will go back to check them out as well. Ednah Walters, all I can say is I LOVE THIS SERIES! Loved Faith and Ken and can't wait to see what you have in store for us next in the Fitzgerald Series.

5 out of 5 stars

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Katrina W said...

Great post lovley !! and I had to giggle when you wrote Faith reminds you of yourself. smart beautiful !! u r most def all of the above ;) thanks for joining us on the Book Tour Kat ;)

Kelly said...

great post Lindsey!!!!!

I have now added this book to my ever growing list of must buys..


leisa said...

I would love to add this book to my collection...Thank you!!!!

E. B. Walters said...

ooh, thank you for a beautiful, lovely review, Lind. I'm happy you enjoyed it. Where would I be without you.

Arianne Cruz said...

I have not read any of the books but the covers look great :)

Susan T. said...

EB Walter is a new author to me. I enjoyed reading this post very much. Thanks for the reccommendation and would love add to my TBR. Thanks for the giveaway.

Alicia said...
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Alicia said...

I actually haven't read any books by EB Walter. Though this book looks to be one smokin hot read! I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Thank you for the giveaway

Monica Gutierrez said...

I have not read any books by EB Walter, but I would love to, it sounds great!! Thanks for the giveaway =)