Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Character Interview and Giveaway with Lorraine Heath


Lady Meredith in sotto voce: Dear Visitor, I wish I could claim to be happy to be here today, but the thought of being anywhere near Lord Chetwyn causes my heart to flutter, my hands to grow damp, and my throat to tighten with unshed tears. I gave him my heart, you see, and he cast it aside like so much rubbish. He proposed to another, Lady Anne. And she left him at the altar. Now Chetwyn is more commonly referred to as “that unfortunate fellow, Lord Chetwyn.” I wish to have nothing further to do with him but in the spirit of the holidays, I shall persevere in order to give you the opportunity to know this dastardly fellow who is prone to breaking lady’s hearts.

Clears throat.

Lady Meredith speaking succinctly: Good day, Lord Chetwyn. I trust you’re well.

Lord Chetwyn: Good day to you, Lady Meredith. As well as can be expected when I have much for which to make amends.

LM: Yes, well, do be so kind as to share with us your favorite part of the holidays.

LC: Attending various balls where I can observe you dancing.

LM: You will gain nothing with false flattery.

LC: I speak only the truth.

LM: I notice you do not ask me to dance.

LC: Would you dance with me if I asked?

LM: I will admit that you are quite adept at the waltz, but I require more in a partner.

LC: You deserve more in a partner.

LM, blushing profusely as his eyes smolder with innuendo:You loved Lady Anne—

LC: I did not.

LM: But you asked her to marry you.

LC: Guilt prompted my actions. Do you love Lord Litton?

LM: I shan’t discuss him.

LC: But you are betrothed to him.

LM: As I am the interviewer, I ask the questions.

LC: Very well. Ask me anything.

LM: Why did Lady Anne leave you at the altar?

LC: Because she loves Lord Tristan. And she didn’t exactly leave me at the altar. I stood as his best man.

LM: It was unconventional. Why ever did you stand by as you did? It made you look a fool.

LC: Better to look a fool than to be one. I wanted there to be no doubt that I approved of their union. And I do. I have seldom been witness to a love so grand. I daresay that I hope to find myself in such fortune some day. And I wish the same for you.

LM: Without question, I am well on my way to having it.

LC: Not if you marry Lord Litton.

LM: He cares for me immensely.

LC: He cares for your dowry more.

LM: Let me remind you that we are not here to discuss me, but to interview you. What is your favorite holiday dish?

LC: I would very much like to nibble on your bare shoulders.

LM, toes curling: Yes, well, that’s not going to happen. is it?

LC: Don’t be so sure. Christmas is a time for miracles and second chances.

LM: I don’t believe in second chances, or miracles for that matter.

LC: Then it seems I have my job cut out for me.

LM: Yes, well, I have no more questions. I wish you a happy holiday.

LC: I will see you at the Duke and Duchess of Keswick’s holiday ball. Perhaps I shall ask you to dance.

LM: As I said earlier, I shall say no.

LM in sotto voce: Dear visitor, I apologize for the short interview but the way he was watching me, studying me as though he harbors some dark secret, as though I am not safe from his advances. I fear he may have that dance after all. I must go now and see that my maid has packed everything for the journey to Keswick’s. I shall be there for three nights. Surely during that time nothing of significance can happen. And shortly, thereafter, I shall be married to Lord Litton. Although I fear I shall never forget the regret and yearning that I just saw in Chetwyn’s eyes. But my battered pride will not allow me to forgive him.

I hope you enjoyed the interviewWhat question would you like to ask Lord Chetwyn?

Thank you for joining me here today.

Happy Holidays!

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Becky Johnson said...

Just love character interviews! Awesome!

Chrisbails said...

I love character interviews. They are so funny. My question for Lord Chetwyn is: What are you going to do to get Lady Meredith know that you care about her? We can see that you do. Also I think you should ask her to dance, you know she will not turn you down.

Thanks for the giveaway.
christinebails at yahoo dot com

Denise Z said...

Dear LM, I think perhaps forgiveness is in the cards, although you might be led on a merry dance, don't you think it might be worth the adventure? Thank you for taking the time and effort to share with us today. I look forward reading how this all plays out.

Jeanne M said...

My dear Lord Chetwyn, I must ask you what ever were you thinking when you asked Lady Anne to marry you? How could have possible not known how much she loved Lord Tristan! And let us not go to what HE was thinking because obviously his wsasn't thinking at all!

Now you, my dear boy, may actually be able to come up with a way be make your true love Lady Meredith your wife if you just use your wiles by not hiding behind that hard mask you put on to hide your true feeling!

Now tell me exactly what you plan to do to make up to the poor young thing and let her know that you are truly the one for her and not that dastard Lord Litton!

Linda said...

I'm sure Lord Chetwyn is going to get rather more than just a waltz!

laurie said...

Just love character interviews! Awesome!

kipha said...

So love it!! Thanks again for this amazing interview. The holiday season sure brings out the love in people.

Mary Preston said...

This was just wonderful thank you.

jmcgaugh said...

I want to ask him how he intends to grovel.

Linda said...

Love the interview, =)

Happy Holidays!