Sunday, May 15, 2011

Review for His Teddy Bear

Title : His Teddy Bear
Author: Eve Langlais
Description:Teddy, who is ironically enough a bear shifter, has finally found her mate. There’s one big problem though. He doesn’t like what he sees. Reece never imagined his chosen mate would be a woman with extra curves, but all it takes is one taste to realize the benefits and turn his world upside down.

Their arguments are many, their lust for each other fiery, but while he’s ready for the next step, Teddy keeps running. What will it take to win her trust and heart? And an even better question, will they ever make it to a bed?
Summary: While attending a Were Function where all weres hope to find their chosen mate is where the story of Teddy and Reece started. One whiff had Reece up and out of his chair and lead him to a group of women. However, Teddy wasn't the woman he was expecting, and she certainly wasn't his type. Teddy sees the look and decides to run from her chosen mate. He goes after her, helps her out of a bind, then mates her right then. But Teddy has other idea's and runs again, since she doesn't want a mate who obviously didn't appreciate her curves. What she didn't expect was him tracking her down, finding her, and trying to win her heart.
My thoughts: Eve Langlais wrote this short story well. I liked it myself. She brought out a curvy woman opposed to your regular svelte body ones. And she wouldn't bow to having a mate, even if it was destined, who wouldn't accept her for who she was. I have to say I love Teddy. She has spunk and though Reece at first made me mad I grew to like him. Once he got over his idea of what his ideal mate would look like, his wooing had me cheering for him. Their passion for each other was steamy and in the end it all came together for me.

Cost: $3.99

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