Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guest Post With Darynda Jones and Giveaway

I would like to take the time to Welcome Darynda Jones to United By Books. I am so excited to have her on the page. Everyone, give Darynda a warm welcome. And now, onto the star of this post a lady I have admired, and a wonderful is Darynda Jones

Many people have asked if I am anything like the protagonist in my Charley Davidson series. While I would love to say I am exactly like her, alas, I do not sparkle or see dead people or usher souls into the light. But I do have ADD! That’s something, right? So I thought it would be fun to do a compare and contrast of an author and her creation.

Since we’ve already established that I don’t glow or talk to dead people, we can move past that and get to the good stuff.

• Charley likes boys. I like boys!
• Charley named her breasts. I call mine the girls.
• Charley is into leather and boots. I am too, depending on the occasion.
• Charley wears a lot of black. I hardly have anything else.
• Charley has one tattoo. I have one tattoo.
• Charley loves all animals…except for poodles. ☺
• Charley loves coffee. I love coffee.
• Charley likes muscular men. I like muscular men. I know, it’s eerie.
• Charley gets distracted easily. I remember this one time…

• Charley can withstand torture. I can withstand a hardy breeze.
• Charley can momentarily slow time. I can slow cook a pot roast.
• Charley has a killer death stare. I have more of a sickly, annoying stare.
• Charley makes jeans look good. I make chocolate cake look good. You know, with sprinkles and stuff.
• Charley helps people cross to the other side. I help people cross the street.
• Charley solves crimes. I solve word puzzles.
• Charley has gold eyes. I have gold salad tongs.
• Charley invites trouble. I invite people to lunch.
• Charley will save the world from total destruction. I will save twenty percent on my next visit to The Buckle.

So, as you can see, while Charley and I do share some qualities, she is pretty much her own girl. Strong. Independent. In need of medication. Maybe we have more in common that I thought.
Thank you so much for having me, Lindsey!!! 

Thanks again so much for paying us a visit today on the page it was a pleasure having you here with us as im sure everyone will agree. 

Now the great people at Macmillan Audio  have so generously donated not 1 but 2 audio copies of Second Grave on the Left.....How many of you love audio books? want a chance to win? Leave a comment on this post for Darynda and send a shout out thank you to Macmillan Audio  for the donation. This giveaway will go for a week, which means next Friday the winners will be announced. Dont forget to leave your email address so we can contact you if you win. Sorry this is for U.S. Residents Only

If you would like to purchase the Audio Book Version of it the link is located here: 

Pre-Order Audio Version of Second Grave on the Left



Great post, Darynda. Your Charlie is an intriguing character - intriguing enough that I just HAVE to try out a sample. Bought "For I Have Sinned" for my Kindle a few minutes ago and looking forward to reading it. Thanks to United by Books for bringing your work to my attention!

Vanessa theJeepDiva said...

I have not read her books yet. After that interview I am kinda wondering why. Too funny.

Kelly said...

DJ, great post.. I knew you and Charley had a lot in common....
Who doesn't love audio books... I know I do...

Great Post Lindsey...

Lots of Love,
Kelly Sue

Mara said...

You're list was really funny & I'd love to listen to your book ( thank you Macmillan audio!) I've never used the audio part if my nook & would love the opportunity.
marajbrandon AT earthlink DOT net

Denise Z said...

I have not had the opportunity to listen to an audiobook in a long time - thank you Macmillan Audio for the chance to win a copy of this wonderful book. Thank you Darynda for sharing this very fun post today.


Nicole H. said...

How wonderful! Loved the comparisons! Great post and contest! I posted a link on my Facebook to share! And I haven't listened to an audiobook in a long time. I actually kind of miss them, lol.

dlynnpen said...

Great Post.Thank you Darynda for sharing this.The list is AWESOME!!!Why haven't I read a book of your's before???I will now.That is for sure!!!
Thank you Macmillan Audio for the chance to win a copy of this wonderful book.

Carla said...

Ahhhh Darynda! You know I love you!! You're awesome!! You never fail to make me laugh!! And Second Grave was AMAZING!! Although I have to say the yummy Reyes pissed me off at the end!!

Linsdey - Great Interview and I love your blog background. ;-)

Please don't enter me in contest. Just stopping by to show my love to D.J. and Lindsey!

Carla - Book Monster Reviews

Keisha said...

Great interview would love a audio copy could listen when I go on vacation

darynda said...

Thank you so much, all!!! This was a fun post and I have to say, it was Lindsey's idea. Sharp girl, that one. I have been away at a conference, but I wanted to pop in and give a shout.

Thanks again!

AquarianDancer said...

Wow. I have one thing in common with you both...I love black clothing! It was great to see your take on the similarities and differences between you and Charlie.

I love audio books, so here's my email and the wish that I might win. AquarianDancer at gmail dot com.

Willow said...

Enjoyed the interview. Looking forward to Second Grave...soon!