Monday, August 1, 2011

Review for The Perfect Rose

Title: The Perfect Rose
Author: Felicia Rogers
Description: Abandoned by his wife and left to raise a child alone, Caleb Reed falls short of the ideal work-from-home dad. He needs a woman to help him, in every sense of the word. At the suggestion of a friend, Caleb agrees to hire Ariel Lauren on a trial basis.

As an orphan, Ariel has more issues than just how to make it on her on. Yes, she needs the money that Caleb offers her, but more than anything she finds she desires his love. One calamity after another befalls her and jeopardizes her new job and her chance at having a family. But through it all, Caleb is by her side, his gruff exterior threatening to melt in the face of their shared attraction. Will they decide to continue life alone or will the magic of Valentine's Day bring them together?
Summary: Meddling Mabel tells Caleb of Ariel when he is looking for a housekeeper thinking they need each other equally for different reasons. So when Ariel turns up for an interview, she is not what Caleb expects.Instead of being old, feeble, and grey, she is young, beautiful, and vibrant, yet there is a certain sadness in her eyes. Caleb agrees to take Ariel on a trial basis, but cant shake the growing attraction.Caleb's son Joshua grows fond of Ariel and she of him, which is why her growing feelings for Caleb scares her. Ariel is worried that if she gives into them and it doesnt work out, then she will have to leave her job and Joshua whom she has grown so attached to. Both Caleb and Ariel try to resist their feelings for different reasons, then before you know it their lips meet.
My Thoughts: Felicia Rogers brought a sweet and tender book to us all in The Perfect Rose. I started it late one night thinking I would just read a few pages since I had work early the next morning and before I knew it I couldn't stop reading. I fell in love with Caleb and Ariel's story and adored Joshua, Meddling Mabel also has a spot in my heart cause we all have one of her around. You could relate with the characters in Caleb's case once burned, twice shy. Then you have Ariel who never knew what love and family were. I found myself rooting for Caleb and Ariel overcoming their issues, and ill admit to having a cheesey grin off and on during the story. Overall, I thought the story came together beautifully. Rogers has definitely been added to the list of authors I will be reading.  
Costs: 3.99
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4 out of 5 Stars

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