Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Guest Post With Beth Gray on A Time For Love

Today we are letting Beth Gray take over the blog with a lovely note and blurb from her book A Time For Love! Take it away Beth..........

The importance of never giving up
I have been writing for a long time now, and like many writers will tell you, your first work is always special. They will also tell you how bad it was when they went back to read it. This I will have to agree with. However, I knew I had a great plot and with time I would make it better. I never would have guessed I would write sixteen novels later before I would come back to it.

The truth is that it has been written and rewritten many times, but I never got it where I wanted it until recently. Because I have worked on this one for so long, I feel like I know the characters very well. This may also be the best plotted book I have ever written.

A TIME FOR LOVE is a story of a secretary who has been in love with her boss forever. And yes, this has been written about a zillion times. To set this apart I had to add many plot points and make this a triple romance which stretches what the normal romance covers. This is a real life romance versus a romantic fantasy.

This novel is also a romantic thriller. The hero crashes his plane in the swamps of Louisiana and lands in the middle of where many alligator call home. He is stuck while he waits to be rescued. He does not realize his plane has been sabotaged and that he is still in danger from another assassin attack. But his secretary knows and is leading the rescue efforts. And if she does rescue him, she will let him know what he really means to her. 
This novel can be found on the Siren Publishing site : HERE which gives the following description:

When Brenda Denton’s boss, J. L. Brighton, an Atlanta land developer, disappears while flying his small plane on a business trip, her world is torn apart. She has been secretly in love with J. L. for years. It is her hidden love that drives the rescue efforts in the hope to find him alive before an assassin finishes the job and denies her the chance to confess her love.

The personal, romantic, and business lives of J. L.’s three closest friends, a real estate agent, a stockbroker, and an insurance agent, collide as they join rescue efforts to find their friend. While they all are experts in their professional fields, their private lives hold deep secrets.
As the sexual tensions escalate and new love interests are formed, nerves are stretched and hearts are opened. This story of a triple romance creates unusual sexual triangles that evolve and intensify. 

 The novel is also available on kindle here : A Time To Love 

I also can be contacted by e-mail at authorbethgray@hotmail.com

Beth Gray

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