Saturday, March 17, 2012

Review for When Irish Eyes Are Evil by Naomi Bellina

Title: When Irish Eyes Are Evil
Author: Naomi Bellina

Description: A sexy vampire with evil on his mind has Rachael playing detective to find a way to subdue him before he can destroy her. 

Sent to the space station in lieu of prison, Rachel longs to escape and return to Earth. An encounter with a charming bartender, Brody, makes her reconsider, until she realises that he is not what he seems. Racing against time, Rachel must find a way to permanently eliminate Brody before she falls prey to his evil plot and is killed in the process. 

With the help of a sexy crew member, a friend back home and another of Brody’s victims, Rachel devises a dangerous plan to kill the fiend and save herself and other potential victims. 

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of violence.

My Thoughts: Since this is a short read (33 pages) and the description says it all, I will leave out a brief summary. I have never read an erotic paranormal based on a space station before. I really did enjoy it. I liked the concept of this read. The sex was hot. I liked Rachel. She had a strong personality. I know if I was stuck on a space station for 2 years, I would not give up sex either. Enter Brody, your oh so smooth, sexy bartender and an energy stealing vampire who sweet talked her into some hot sex. The fact she realized something was wrong after and did some digging was awesome. Only then did Rachel see his sinister side. She wasn’t feeling good and put it to right after that night. Once she finds another victim, she goes after him fully. Add that to a little help from sexy Shawn and old friend Albert, who is big on vampire things. One thing that I didn't think was quite believable was a cell phone on the space station. Kind of made me go ‘Really?’ But the sexual episode just prior to that was still fresh in my mind, so I let it go with a shrug. By the end I was rooting for the life Rachel may have in the future. All and all hot sex, a bit of mystery and vampires equals you getting a good, short read. 
4 out of 5 stars

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