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Review for Hadyn Heat (One) - The Urge by Betty Midnight and Ava Michaels

Title: Hadyn Heat (One) - The Urge
Authors: Betty Midnight and Ava Michaels

Description: As a man and as a wolf, Hadyn has been trying to control his urges.
After catching the scent of a beautiful woman named Sarah, Hadyn finds her and loses all control of his urges.
The pleasure was great, but the mistake was greater, for an evil man has been lurking for a long time, hoping to take control of the world. After kidnapping Sarah, the destructive man named Valon now can finalize his own plan: to have Hadyn mate with his daughter.
He uses Sarah and her lust for Hadyn to draw him in.
The urges grow worse for Hadyn and it seems nobody can stop him, not even his roommate and secret lover, another male wolf named Taylor.

The fate of Hadyn, Sarah, his pack, and the world are in the balance… but can he control his desperate sexual urges long enough to save it all?

My Thoughts: Hadyn just turned to maturing age for werewolves which leaves him with constant urges. Taylor, his roommate, also just hit the age and they both help try to ease the urges. Taylor feels a bit more for Haydn even though Haydn cares for and loves him back. Taylor wants Haydn to be his one true mate. One night Hadyn catches a scent and follows his instincts into the woods where he comes across Sarah. The attraction flares up instantly and before you know it, Hadyn has her hard and fast . Once done he is gone in a flash and Sarah is abducted by Valon who had been watching this whole time. Valon knew Hadyns instincts would be to find the girl again so he abducts her back to his place to lay in wait with the perfect bait to get Hadyn where he wants him. Valon knew Hadyns instincts would be to find the girl again so he abducts her back to his place to lay in wait with the perfect bait to get Hadyn where he wants him; his territory, his home, to mate with his daughter, Sephy, so he can open the gates to take over the world and at last be powerful.

Everyone who knows me knows I love my books with lots of hot sex and passionate encounters. This book didn't lack that; it's basically there since the first few pages. You get m/f and quite a bit of m/m even a little f/f. So I can say that part is all hot. I almost put the book down once or twice cause though I enjoyed the sexual encounters, I didn't see much of a story besides coming to age wolfs who had to learn how to control their urges or help each other. Finally, I saw the story coming together with the evil Valon trying to gain power and using Sarah to gain it by luring Hadyn to the house . Valon's daughter, Sephy, was just as evil if not more so, and if Haydn were to mate with her they would unleash a world of evil upon humans and weres, plus give Valon the power he longed for. Hadyn is hot and you can tell one day he will be a great leader. Sarah is blonde and horny, and when it came to defending her man, she did. Valon and Sephy are pretty awesome evil characters cause you wanted them to get their just rewards in the end. Taylor is sweet and you feel for him in a way. Something I didn't like about Sarah is I don't care how horny I am, if I wake up in a strange house with strange people, even if they tell me I am waiting for the guy I just had the best orgasmic sex with, I would not touch that guys privates or let his daughter go down on me. I would find a way to run like hell and hope to see Hadyn again. Overall for a short I enjoyed it but didn't love it. I would say if you are in it for the smut factor go for it cause the sexual encounters are hot between both M/M and F/M. If you want something deep this may not be the read for you.
3 out of 5 Stars
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