Friday, June 10, 2011

Review for The Postman Always Comes Twice

Title: The Postman Always Comes Twice
Author: Paige Tyler
Description: This postman is carrying one hell of a package.

Charisma Harlow has been lusting after her hunky postman Travis Walker ever since he started delivering her mail a few months ago. In fact, she’s so hot for him, she finds herself ordering things online so he'll show up more often. When her subtle flirting doesn't do the trick, she decides to finally get serious and seduce him outright. She orders the heaviest thing she can find so he'll have to bring it inside her apartment, then greets him at the door in nothing but a short, sexy robe when he shows up.

Travis gets the message and spends his lunch hour proving he really knows how to deliver—in the bedroom.
Summary: Charisma has been lusting after her super hunky postman Travis since he began delivering her mail. No matter how much she flirts, he isn't making a move, so she keeps ordering stuff just to see him. Finally, she steps up her game and orders a package big enough to get him to enter in her apartment while placing it in her office. Travis has been hot for Charisma as well, so he just couldn't pass up the invitation to help her "test out" a vibrator he had seen after putting the newest package down.
My Thoughts: Paige Tyler sure made me wish I had a super hunky postman. The characters were funny with some quips here and there. The main focus is finally getting what they both want, a  whole lot of steaming sex. This read was one definitely worthy of steamy up anyone's imagination and I had to fan myself a time or two to cool down. A super sexy short read that has your pages burning with each turn of the page. 
costs: .99
3.50 out of 5 stars

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