Friday, June 10, 2011

Review for Sinful Intentions

Title: Sinfull Intentions
Author: Amy Redwood
Description: A jilted bride, a wolfishly sexy stranger, one sinful attraction under New Zealand’s sun. When Katherine finds out her fianc√© cheated on her, her heart is bruised. With a mission to get her life back on track, she takes the first flight to Auckland, New Zealand. And bumps heads with a sexy stranger. Their attraction is instant, powerful and undeniable. Taking a vacation from being a good girl, she succumbs to this sinful stranger who pushes the limits of her sexual needs as he explores every inch of her body. No strings of course. Trent seduces her…in a bed, at the beach, in a truck, against the wall…until the wolf within him lifts its head and pays attention. Suddenly, after a tiny bite, it’s everything but no-strings.
Summary: Katherine sees the cheating ways of her fiance and decides to hop a plane to Auckland. When she arrives, she is tired, and wants to get to her hotel but runs into a handsome stranger while arguing over a cab. Trent likes to get a rise out of her, but there is sexual chemistry from the first words spoken between them. What Katherine doesn't know is Trent is a wolf and he is taking the summer off for a few last flings before he intends to find his perfect mate.  They stop fighting the chemistry and keep acting on it, having the most amazing sex they both ever had . At first it was revenge sex for Katherine, but after the first time, it was because it felt so right. Trent cant understand why he is so attracted to her. Then one fateful day, after some really hot sex on the beach, he understands why.
My Thoughts: Amy Redwood is an author I hadn't read before. I have a feeling I am definitely going to be looking into more of her work. Katherine and Trent were so steamy at times between their urge to get rises out of each other, to the steaming up the sheets. Or in this case a truck, sand, bed, even a wall (oh my!) Both characters had a personality all of their own. There were times I didn't want to put the book down I wanted the next smart remark and definitely the next steamy sex scene. I will say this, if your not one for liking a lot of sex in your books, then this isn't for you. Amy Redwood has gained another fan of her work in me, and I enjoyed this book. 
Costs: 10.22
costs: 9.52

4 out of 5 stars

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