Saturday, June 4, 2011

Review for Fairy Casanova

Title : Fairy Casanova
Author: Gracen Miller
Description: Sadie has hit rock bottom. A high-powered attorney on the fast-track to creating a name, she bet everything on one case and lost big. Bankrupt, with her professional reputation ruined, and her fiancé yachting about Aruba with a hot babe, she's desperate for a break from reality. She arranges a one-nighter with a complete stranger through Madame Evangeline's high-end dating service, 1NightStand. A fairy isn't what she expected to hook-up with, but how can she be disappointed when royalty turns into the only king of sex she'll ever want?

In less than a week, Jace is about to become king of the fairies, but he's enamored with humans. Before his coronation, he wants to fulfill his sexual fantasies in the human realm. With a limited timeline, he schedules a liaison with a stranger through Sadie intrigues him with her competing reserved and salacious vibes. After a night of stellar sex, Jace offers Sadie a permanent place in his life as his queen. Will she forfeit her life in the human realm to accept his offer?
Summary: Whats a girl to do after a month of everything going wrong? Well the answer came so clear to Sadie after seeing a note on her assistants desk, which turned out to be a site that offers one night stands. As she gets to the hotel, she is nervous, then her date arrives. Sadie is confused at first cause he doesnt match the requirements she'd selected, but also completely responsive to him at the same time. Jace has always had a thing for humans, but in a week he will have to let it go and become the king of the fairies. So why not have one last hoorah before he can no longer feel a human's touch? Jace tells Sadie he is a fairy. She thinks he's gone off the deep end till he proves it. Sadie draws him like no other. Within minutes of her oh so responsive reactions to his ministrations of pleasure, he feels a deeper connection, that of a mate. 
My Thoughts: Gracen Miller has one smokin hot sexy read here. I have to say, i was wishing i knew a fairy man just from reading this short story. Give me a guy with wings any day, or maybe i can attach some to a guy. Not only was Gracen's story sexy, but there was also some humor there, and you can relate to the main character. After all, who hasn't had a bad week or month? I have to say, this was one steamy ride I did not want to get off. And if there are any fairy men, please find me *winks*  I'm definitely looking forward to more of  Miller's work. This is one read you will want to pick up and make sure you read it at night. 
Cost: 3.99
5 out of 5 stars


Gracen Miller said...

YAY! I'm so glad you liked Fairy Casanova!


K.T. Bishop said...

Way to go, Gracen!