Sunday, November 20, 2011

Review for Peppermint Passion by Ann Mayburn

Title: Peppermint Passion
Author: Ann Mayburn
Description: Shyla has dreamt about, lusted after and fallen in love with her bosses over the past year that she has worked for them. With only a few months left before she graduates and earns her teaching degree, she decides to make her move at the company Christmas Party. As if that wasn't nerve racking enough, her place of employment is an exclusive BDSM club and her plans to ensnare her Dominant bosses attention revolves around them bidding on her at the charity submissive auction.

Trent and Jack have been fighting a losing battle to keep their hands off of their beautiful waitress, Shyla, until she no longer works for them. Her gentle spirit and genuinely good heart call to them almost as much as her obvious submissive inclinations. When she surprises them by arriving at their Christmas party dressed like a wet fetish dream, and they learn she plans on being part of the submissive auction, the men quickly decide that the time to show Shyla who she belongs to and who truly loves her has arrived.
My Thoughts: *fans self* “Wow” is tame considering what I was thinking. Ann Mayburn, you Naughty Author! The description says it all, so without giving to much away, Shyla has lusted after her bosses and is now ready to explore that side of herself. The bosses, Trent and Jack, have wanted her for their sub for some time, but held back because she was taken and they weren’t sure she‘d be game. Now that she is no holds bar, they plan to show her so much pleasure, she will never want to be without them. This is a short read, but it’s an incredibly steamy, make you gasp, cross and uncross your legs read. I started wishing I was Shyla, exploring the world of BDSM. Oh what a good sub I would make for doms like Trent and Jack. They can tie me up and serve me on a Christmas platter if they want. You will read this in one sitting, but the whole time you will be biting your lip while your fantasies take you away, at least I did. Please master, may I have another.
For this short sexy read
5 out of 5 

This short read will be out on Dec 6th for Kindle but if you would like to buy an anthology that this is in with 2 other reads you can find that book here at the link below:

Costs: 13.99

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Ann Mayburn said...

Yeah! I made you feel all happy and jolly inside, just filled with the Christmas spirit. I bet you'll look at those big, thick candycanes the sell at the stores in a different way now, eh?

I've read the other stories in this antho and I must say, hot doesn't even begin to describe it. If you have a lady or gent that likes a spicy read, I would highly suggest you get this antho for Christmas. Trust me when I say if you give this book to your husband or wife, it will be the gift that keeps on giving.-snork-

shauna said...

I think it just got hot in here *giggles* hmmm...i must read this! Thanks Linds for another great review! you have my tbr list growing and ya!

Decadent Publishing said...

Thanks for the wonderful review! We're very happy you enjoyed it. :-)

Heather Bennett
Decadent Publishing