Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review for Big Bad by Sommer Marsden

Title: Big Bad
Author: Sommer Marsden

Description: Lust according to Ruby: 

You read those books where they explain it all away. They make it fine with rationalization. But what if I just want to? What if that's my whole reason? My life is not a romance novel. I don’t need justification. I’m a grown woman who knows what she wants. 

I want Ellis. And I want Tyler. 

And I won’t apologize...

What’s worse than wanting both your best friend who’s a vampire and the just-back-in-town alpha werewolf you find yourself fixated on? Finding out that the werewolf in question wants you, too. But he isn’t too keen on the sharing part. 
Oh, and by the way, you’re his dead mate.

Okay, okay, dead is harsh—reincarnated.

What’s worse than that? Realizing that you believe the whole crazy tale of reincarnation. Because it seems to be true.

And yet you still want them both—together. Vampire and werewolf and you in the middle. Stuck between two predators who want you and only you. To complicate it all, you find out that you can have it. With your new/old mate’s blessing. But just one time before he claims you as his. 

Are you brave enough to take it? That one shot?

Well...Are you?

My Thoughts: Ruby is friends with a vampire, Tyler. Tyler and Ruby are both sexually attracted to each other though she is honest when she tells Tyler that it would just be sex. Ruby is also interested in Ellis, who just so happens to be a wolf shifter. Quite the dilemma. Ellis, the wolf shifter, knows Ruby is his, but he is being patient, willing to give into one of her fantasies; even if it may not be the best choice. After surrendering to her lust for vampire Tyler, (resulting in some hot, steamy sex and a vampire bite to send her over the edge), she is thrown back to the past in visions. Visions induced when as she blacks out from one of the most amazing orgasms. These visions, without giving too much away, thicken the plot in this sexually charged yet intriguing story. The tale of a girl who wants both the warm and cold man, lots of sexual pleasure from the two, a reincarnation, and a villain who is set out to kill not just for old vengeance, but in hopes of becoming Alpha of the pack. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I found myself pulled into the story, maybe from all the hot sex going on or maybe from me trying to see if the bad guy would get his in the end. I only wish I knew a little more background into the characters. Can you say prequel? Fingers crossed. Putting that wish aside, I would say give this book a chance. That is if you can visualize yourself wanting a vamp and a wolf, plenty of hot sex, and some fighting bad guys action, (and really who can’t). I’m counting on crossed fingers and toes that Sommer Marsden will continue with Tyler's story, since I was hurting with him at a love lost. Spoiler girl moment, I even teared up a bit but I still really want to read Tyler’s story.
4 out of 5 stars
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shauna said...

Wow Lindsey, your review is making me want to read this one right now. But alas I can not because I'm still on The Man Within by Lora Leigh, which btw thank you so much for turning me on to that series! Anyway just wanted to show you and your blog some love and I truly enjoy your reviews. Big Bad is going on my TBR list :)
Love ya,
your ShaunaBear