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Interview and Giveaway with Carly Smith of Liz Borino's Expectations and What Money Can't Buy

United By Books would like to welcome Carly. Some of you know her as Matt's co-worker turned girlfriend and now fiancé in “Expectations” and “What Money Can't Buy“.

UBB ~Q: Now let's get down to the good stuff.... some girl talk shall we?

Carley~ I'd love to. :)

UBB~ Q: So what was your first impression of Matt when you met ?
Carley : Well, beside from being very attractive, Matt was, is, self confident. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing all the time.
UBB~ Q: That first kiss seemed pretty hot.... how was it, in detail?
Carley: *Blushes* It was very passionate. Things were great back then between us. But...that's to be expected in the beginning, right?
UBB~Q: Matt was your first sexual experience ever, was it all you dreamed about as you grew up?
Carley:  No, actually. It was entirely different. I had only known him a short while. I always envisioned myself as engaged before becoming intimate. Not that he forced me, but my desires got the better of me....
UBB~Q: When you found out you were pregnant what was your first thought?
Carley:  I was terrified that my family would disown me, which eventually they did. I have to admit that I was also worried about Matt's addiction problems. I mean, what kind of father could I expect him to be? However, he turned out to be a wonderful dad to Dorothea. She adores him....
*taps fingers on desk wondering if I should ask the next question*
UBB~ Q: So I know Matt doesn't have the best track record and all, but do you think, in hindsight, you over-reacted on certain things while being preggo?
Carley:  Maybe I did, but I was only trying to protect myself and my daughter. If he had been drinking or cheating I still could have gotten out.  I don't know if you're aware, but during my overreaction he abused prescription pills.
UBB~Q: Even now that you have given birth you can't blame your mood swings, so why are you acting like a crazy person to Matt?
Carley:  Because my daughter, the one who I carried, wants him instead of me. All the time. Do you know how that feels? All the while he isn't cooperating with having a Catholic ceremony. That should be the most important thing.
UBB~ Q: Some would say that the reason your acting out and accusatory is because of a guilty conscious. Does this apply to you?
Carley:  What are you talking about?? It's him and Dorothea. I'm sane
*tilts head to the left* 

UBB~ Q: You know when I was first getting to know you I liked you, cheered you on, but I’ve seen a whole new side of you that I'm pretty sure I don't like. Would you care to say anything to the readers today?
Carley: I think you've said it all.

Thanks for taking the time to join us today on the blog Carley i can safely say it's been interesting speaking with you! 

Blurb: Following Expectations and What Money Can’t Buy, the third novel in the Taylor Twins series, Gifts from the Past, finds the twins, Chris and Matt Taylor, immersed in the greatest challenges of their lives—parenthood.  Chris and Aiden are raising their adopted daughter and their special needs son, who struggles with physical and emotional challenges daily. Matt, on the other hand, has a beautiful and happy baby girl. However, his fiancée, Carley, has gone from overemotional to abusive and Matt needs to decide his best course of action. When Ally, Chris's college girlfriend, comes back into the twins' lives, everything becomes complicated. Especially for Matt.
Gifts from the Past is a novel redefining love, family, loyalty, and ultimately survival. 

Now for the fun part.....Giveaway time

Liz Borino is offering you a chance to see before Matt had to deal with Carley
"So, Matt didn't always have to deal with that. Here's what happened in college, how it all began. Find out about Ally."
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