Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review for Seduced By A Satyr by Ella Vines

Title: Seduced by a Satyr
Author: Ella Vines

Description: After the death of her husband at Normandy, Darcy’s lived a lonely life, grief threatening to overwhelm her each day. Only the sweet melody of a satyr’s flute seems to ease her heart, yet stir something deep within she thought long dead. Will she succumb to Gillan’s seduction, or continue her solitary life without another man’s touch?

My thoughts: I won't give a summary mixed in with my thoughts as I normally do because the description pretty much says it all. At 12 pages this is a short, fast read. Though I liked where the author was heading with the story, it felt rushed. After grieving a year then finding yourself enthralled with a satyr, who wouldn't want some hot sex. Vines was heading in a good direction if she only would have made it longer it might have hit the mark. The sex scenes were good, it's just the rest. I found myself wanting something more to make the story feel a bit more complete. I think, based on the gorgeous cover and the description, I was hoping for more. I think another 15 or so pages, it would have hit the nail on the head. This does not mean i wont look at more of Vines work in the future cause i will be.

2.5 out of 5 stars 

costs: 1.99

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Katrina W said...

Love the cover and well said review !! x