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Review for Hunted by Carolyn Rosewood

Title: Hunted (Seduced by a Demon # 2)
Author: Carolyn Rosewood

Description: For the past four hundred years, Jahi Wickes has made forged documents and credit cards for the female demons who seduce men into signing away their souls. While enjoying the parades at Mardi Gras, she's ambushed by two angels. One is her former guardian angel, and the other is the Nephilim who’s tracking him.

Dagon has been chasing Vassago for three years. His first big break comes in the form of a cute, sexy demon. When he learns the real reason Vassago is hunting her, Dagon has more trouble than he bargained for. Not only was Vassago sent to guard souls in Purgatory after screwing up his assignment with Jahi, but the person who paid him to destroy her is one of her fellow demons.

My Thoughts: 
Jahi is a girl after my own heart. We first met her in book one of Rosewood’s “Seduced by a Demon” series. You may remember her as Faina's quirky friend. The one that provides all the documentation for when a demon seduces their mark. As well as outing the evil Mastema and saving her friend. This time we get a bit more inside her world. 
Jahi loves Mardi Gras and has attended it every year of her long life, but this year she has a surprise drop-in by someone named Vassago. On top of that is the Nephilim hunting him. Soon Jahi learns the reason why Vassago is after her. It is thanks to her prior life. 
What she doesn't bargain for is her instant attraction to the Nephilim, Dagon, who is there to protect her. This attraction is forbidden to both of them. Though they both fight against it, sometimes taking a bite of a forbidden fruit is just too tempting to pass up. 
The chemistry and passion between the main characters, Jahi and Dagon, is so hot. It will light your pages or I should say Kindle on fire at times. Carolyn Rosewood pulls you in with intrigue from the beginning. The fact that she builds up the main characters, so you see beyond the passion and sex to the essence of them, is lovely. 
You start rooting for them to be able to stay together and not get punished. Jahi tries to appear like the “nothing bothers her” heroine on the outside, but you learn she is, on the inside, just a girl who never thought she deserved much. She gives loyalty, love and her whole un-beating heart to those she cares about and, in Dagon’s case, a lot of hot lovin‘. 
In contrast is Dagon, the leading guy that you can't help but like. A strong bounty hunter with deep morals and, obviously, sexy as Hell. A man prepared for anything who never sees what hit him coming when he met Jahi. 
Carolyn Rosewood has done it again. Making me want to dive head first into the next book to see if what will happen with Theresa. I know if I was Jahi, I would have taken a bite of the forbidden fruit for Dagon without a backward glance. Vassago makes you mad and Theresa makes me want to shake her. For an author to bring out such strong emotions in her readers, I would say this book, actually the entire “Seduce the Demon” series is sinfully good.

5 out of 5 stars

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