Monday, January 16, 2012

Relic by Deena Remiel Virtual Blog Tour and Giveaway

United By Books is pleased to have had the the chance to sit down and chat with author, Deena Remiel about her angels. This is what came from our candid discussion about her upcoming, new release "Relic" available January 27th of this year.
*sits down, getting comfy to speak with one of my favorite authors about her upcoming release with an overwhelming feeling of excitement*
UBB: So, it looks like it's just you and me, sexy lady.
Deena: Niiiice.
UBB: *waggles brows*  Ready to spank me? *coughs* I mean chat with me about "Relic"?
Deena: So, let's roll
UBB: So *takes a sip of water* how do you envision these sexy angels of yours?
Deena: Well, I see them as massive walls of hunky, well-hewned flesh clad in leather pants, boots, wings and a sword. Just to start... Chiseled faces, mesmerizing multi-colored eyes, piercing gaze, complicated histories
UBB: *nods* Well, I see them as walking sex objects for all of us to ogle over and get all lusty about while they save us.... but we can go with your's.

Deena: *laughs* Oh, I think yours blends perfectly with mine!

UBB: *big smiles* Great minds think alike..... only you're the awesome author who brought it all to life for us readers and we are itching for our next angel fix... which is "Relic". Want to tell us a bit about what is coming our way?

Deena: *nods readily with a smile* Sure! Raphael, Brethern Savior, was left shaken by his failures at the end of "Trinity". He has a mission to complete, but knows that he has some serious problems to work out first... like how to get his healing powers back. He runs into a woman left for dead in the Arizona desert and has no choice but to do the right thing. There's a relic that winds up playing a huge role in bringing the two of them together. And his dead wife's soul, trapped in the relic,  tags along. Three souls, bound by  a relic, bound by an timeless gift, and bound by an eternal love.

UBB : *eyes wide* WOW! Now you have me really anxious for Raphael. Can you tell us more about the woman he runs into by chance?
Deena:  Sure, her name is Serena, and she owns Sikes and Sounds of Sedona, a jeep tour company.Her brother gave her the relic in question, but it's actually stolen. I forgot, Raphael does the right thing and takes her to the hospital. *laughs*
UBB:  *laughs* *pauses to wonder if I should sneak in a question* So you created Callie for Nathanael ("Elixxir"; book 3) with me in mind didn't you? 

Deena: *laughs and grins at my silliness but goes along with it* But of course... 

UBB: Do you have a favorite out of all your gorgeous angels? 

Deena: Great question!  Love Michael because he's my first. But Raphael is so freakin' sexy! Whew! And then there's Nathanael, who's such a tortured soul, and Gabriel, so reserved that I wanna make him come undone... Um... I guess we can say I can't decide! *laughs out loud*
UBB: *nods with understanding* Well, I can completely agree with you on that. Though as you know I claim Nathanael. 

Deena: You do have claims on him, since I gave him to you. But you will need to share a little with the hords of women clamoring after him. 

UBB: *pouts*

Deena:*laughs at the pout*
UBB: Is there anything special you want to share about what you are working on in the future?
Deena: *sly grin* I'm currently working on Nathanael's story. It's called "Elixxir". Raphael may be messed up, but Nathanael is a man on the edge. He's got the perfect woman to sharpen that edge, too.

UBB: *gasp* You're such a tease! 

Deena: And my lips are SEALED!
UBB: Not even a snippet? *puppy dog eyes*
Deena: Not from "Elixxir", nope. 

UBB: *thinks* Then how about a snippet of "Relic"? 

Deena: I would LOVE to tease you with Raphael and Serena... 

UBB: *waits impatiently*
 Deena : Here ya go... Serious snippage right now
 When Serena looked at his chiseled face, she lost herself in its symmetry and the beauty of his eyes. Two pools of brilliant blue, like the Aegean Sea, stared intensely at her through long black lashes and made her cheeks flush. For a breathless moment, she dared to stare back only to retreat seconds later. “I…I’m so tired, Raphael.” “I should go then.” He dropped his hand from her cheek. “Please don’t,” she blurted out before she could stop herself. “I mean, I know I have a guard at my door. But they’re zero and one, and you’re two for two. I’d just…I’d feel more comfortable if you were here. Can you…would you…consider staying? Only until I fall asleep?” She felt an irrational need to have this man near. This stranger. But for some reason, the doctors and nurses felt more like strangers than he did. “Yes,” he answered without hesitation. “I’ll stay.” He stroked her hair softly, lulling her to calm. “Now close your eyes and sleep. Tomorrow will take care of itself. You’ve nothing to fear tonight.”

UBB: Does Raphael have anything he wants to say to his fans? 

Deena: He would like to ask them to be patient with him as he works through his issues. He can't wait to live in their kindles, nooks, and other e-readers, and then on their book shelves!
UBB: Would you like to say anything to your adoring fans ?
Deena: I would like to tell my fans how much I ADORE THEM! I write for them and created this world of the Brethren for them. So, my Disciples, my Inner Sanctum, and my Street Angels are my life's blood. I love you all and feel blessed to know you.
UBB: "United By Books" has loved having you on today talking about your angels.

Deena:  Loved being here and sharing my angels with you and your readers. Thank you for kicking off a most spectacular Blog Tour for Relic's Release! The countdown has begun! 
Giveaway Time~ 

Deena has graciously offered up an e-book of "Trinity" for a giveaway to enter you must :
1. Leave a comment on this post commenting about the interview or asking Deena a question.
2. Leave an e-mail so we can contact you if you win. (This is mandatory to enter.)

 Also for those who leave a comment with their email addy Deena will send you her  sensual poem and pic, In Dreams You Come To Me based on Raphael and Serena
The giveaway will go from 1/17- 1/27 winner announced on 1/28

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You will be able to find "Relic" January 27th, 2012 at

Thanks again for participating and enjoy the rest of the tour. You guys are in for one amazing ride!


Katrina W said...

Great interview ladies !! so my question for Deena.. why did you choose angels ? I know they are sexy and hot ... irisitable !! bla bla !! and how many books are you planning ?

Dont include me in the e book giveaway I already have this baby !!


BellaBunnell said...

I loved Trinity and am excited to learn more about Raphael and all those other sexy angels, but what I want to know is when we'll hear from mini-super-heroine Hannah again?
Really looking forward to Relic and Elixir! Thank you Deena and Lindsey!


Lindsay said...

I can't figure out which of you ladies are the bigger tease. You Deena with your holding back the good stuff or you Lindsey lusting for one of those angels

Kathleen said...

The magic returns, Deena! Your voice draws me in immediately! I can't wait to read another amazing book in The Brethren Series!

April London said...

Morning Deena!! Woo woo!!! Love the snippet!!!!! I can't wait for more angels!!!! *grin* Love it!
April London

J Kenrick said...

LMAO!! Fantastic interview...cheeky girls hehe
Don't enter me in the contest :) I already have (and LOVED) Trinity xx just wanted to say hi so you knew I'd been by to read the interview...and enjoyed my visit xx
Best wishes for the new release, Deena! Go forth and grab heaps of great reviews and experience wonderful sale numbers.
I know I'm really looking forward to getting some angel action on my reader again with Relic!

Kathryn Merkel said...

Oh, Trinity is on my wishlist & I'm so financially challenged, it would make my month to win a copy. I will be on the look out for Relic & Elixer when they release as well.

drainbamaged.gyzmo at

savannah said...

Thanks for the chance to win

Loved the interview ;)!


Deena said...

Hi Katrina! Great questions!I chose angels because there are so many of them! LOL Also, I didn't see any books where they were the heroes. Lots of fallen angels who are the heroes in the stories. But I'm talking about comic book hero status. :) I'm planning on at least four books in the series and a spin-off. :)

Deena said...

Hi Bella! Well, you can read her Secret Journal on

AND she is our heroine in Book 4! Yay! She's gotta grow up, you know. ;)

Deena said...

Lindsay, Kathleen, April... thanks for coming by! Teasing is my second pleasure, just behind writing. LOL I'm so happy you love my work, because I love writing for you!

Deena said...

JoAnne! Love you! Thanks for the good wishes and loving my angels. ;)

Kathryn and Savannah, thanks for stopping by! Good luck on winning!

Krystal Shannan said...

Hi Deena! Enjoyed the interview and and the snippet! Yay, can't wait for more! Good Luck on the tour!

Deena said...

Thank you so much, Krystal! ;)

msmjb65 said...

Congrats on the new book! Thanks for the interview - it made me laugh. Very funny ladies you both are. I don't know your books, but the taste you gave us was intriguing.
Thanks for the giveaway!
msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com
I follow by email and GFC as MJB

Deena said...

I'm glad we amuse you. Haha! We amuse ourselves all the time! LOL Thanks for your kind words and good luck with the giveaway. :D

sha said...

Well since my first comment didn't post lets try this again lol. First off what an awesome interview with two very lovely ladies! My mouth is really watering over this I can't wait to read! My question is for Deena...what was your inspiration to write about these glorious angels?
Truly great interview and I cannot wait to read!


SleuthGirlCrystal said...

Testing comments....test test this is a test. Deena rocks socks!

Deena said...

Shaunna, thanks for stopping by! Mwuaaah! I've seen a lot of beautiful men in my life and read about some amazing alphas, too. I wanted to combine what I thought was super steamy, hot, and sexy with a guy that would say and do what I wanted to hear. I also wanted him to screw up royally and be able to fight his way back into my heart. Mind you, my heroines tend to screw up royally, too! LOL

Deena said...

SleuthGirlCrystal... *giggles* You're funny. ;) And just to make it official, IT WORKED.
You rock too, just like your name. ;)

Denise Z said...

Sounds to me like this series is just getting better and better. I am excited that Relic is almost here. I loved the excerpt and really look forward to seeing how the three souls plays out. Thank you for sharing with us today and for the lovely giveaway opportunity. Of course I am a follower and am certainly enjoying the journey.

Deena said...

Denise, great to see you here. :) I do believe this story will touch people on many levels. Watch out! A goodie is coming in your email!

Sonja Little said...

**waves** hey Deena & Lindsey... (hugs) to both. Love the interview!!! Sadly I have no Angel books yet **pouts** but I have become to love them through other lovely ladies who share their beautifulness with me.....AZ will leave short a few angels in June..

Romance Reader Enthusiast said...

Deena: I have a couple of questions. Why did you choose to write about angels as oppossed to some other paranormal hunk? What drew you to them? Thank you.

Deena said...

April, the angels are dying to meet you in person! ;) Can't wait for Arizona Dreamin'!

Deena said...

Great question Enthusiast! I chose angels because I felt as though they were as strong as gods. Since Sherrilyn Kenyon's gods cannot be matched, I decided to make a team of characters that were unique and special in their own right. Also, people connect with the idea of guardian angels. These aren't quite the same, but close. And sexier! LOL

Joanne said...

Great interview. Have been waiting for this book to release since forever (at least that's what it feels like). Congrats on the new release!


Deena said...

Awwww, haha, thanks Joanne! Mwuaahh! Raphael is all yours!