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Laurie London's Seduced By Blood Blog Tour : Character Interview and Giveaway

United By Books was very excited and thrilled to be part of Laurie London's Seduced by Blood Blog Tour. I personally love this series and now for the Character Interview.
An Attempt at a Character Interview with Santiago and Roxy

By Laurie London

Setting: The kitchen of the Seattle field office

Participants: Santiago: Region commander of the Guardians

Roxy: Head tracker trainer at Tracker Academy

Jackson: Guardian vampire

Arianna: Jackson’s human fiancé who runs Paranormalish blog

Cordell: Seattle field office’s tech wizard


Santiago’s patience dwindled further as he eyed Arianna’sseemingly endless pages of notes. “How many more of these damn questions do you have left? This is a fake interview, for christsake.”

He and Roxy were masquerading as lovers to root out a potential traitor here in the Seattle office. The interviewfor the e-newsletter was Arianna’s idea in order to lend more authenticity to their cover. Regardless, he couldn’t wait till it was over. He had things to attend to and this was such a waste of time.

“Arianna, please continue.” Roxy stood impassively near the stove and had been calmly answering the questions, clearly unfazed by all of this.

Didn’t anything upset her? he wondered, his gaze travelingover her figure for the umpteenth time. Was she always this calm?

She was wearing the same clothes she’d worn when they first met up in British Columbia. Brown yoga pants made from that stretchy, fuzzy fabric that clings to a woman’s curves and makes you want to touch it. Turquoise sneakersthat must’ve been washed because they were clean now,all the mud gone. Her t-shirt was different though. She didn’t have on the one with the surf shop logo. This one said “Whistler” in big bold letters across her—

Damn. He jerked his gaze away and recrossed his ankles, hoping no one would notice his growing erection.

Just once he’d like to push all of Roxy’s buttons and see if he could make her unravel. He’d come close in the sanctuary at region headquarters, but so far, here in Seattle, she was unflappable.

Arianna flipped through two or three more pages. “Just a few left.”

“As soon as she’s done with the article,” Cordell added, “I’ll get the newsletter formatted and sent out.”

“Don’t worry, Santiago.” Jackson took a bite of his peanut butter and honey sandwich and kept talking. “I helped herwith this. The rest of the questions are no-brainers. Just some how-well-do-you-know-the-region-commander type questions.”

And he knew Jackson well enough that when the vampire said don’t worry, he worried. “Like…?”

Jackson grabbed the pen and paper from Arianna andstared at her notes. “Let’s see. Boxers or briefs? Salt or sweet? Vanilla or kink?”

Santiago’s blood pressure went from zero to sixty in anano-second. “For the love of God, this is ridiculous. No. No. And no.”

“Jackson, stop.” Arianna said. “You’re going to get me in trouble.”

Cordell didn’t look up from his tablet. Good man.

And Roxy was biting her lip in an obvious attempt to keep from smiling. She thought this was funny?

Jackson made a dramatic show of licking the tip of thepencil and started taking notes. “Okay, let me get this straight. You prefer commando. You don’t eat food. And you don’t enjoy any kind of sex? Is that right?”

What the—

A porcelain jar filled with kitchen utensils sat just beyond his reach. It was all Santiago could do to keep from grabbing it and chucking it at Jackson’s head.

“Except for the commando part,” Jackson continued, adumbass look plastered to his face, “the other two surprise me.”

“Jackson!” Arianna gasped, giving her fiancé a good-natured jab in the gut and grabbing the pencil back. “I’m really sorry, Santiago. See what I put up with?”

Someone snorted. It was Roxy.

“That’s it. Interview over. Roxy, let’s go.” He stormed through the kitchen, not bothering to check if she werefollowing him. If she knew what was good for her, she would.

 Seduced by Blood
Sweetblood Series #4
 Release date July 24, 2012
 E-books released August 1, 2012
 Order Links

Deep within the forests of the Pacific Northwest, the battle for supremacy rages on between two vampire coalitions: Guardian enforcers sworn to protect humanity, and Darkbloods, rogues who kill like their ancient ancestors… Hot-blooded and hard-edged, Tristan Santiago has an uncanny ability to see beneath the surface-a power that serves him well as the Guardians’ region commander. But when a deadly plot against his fellow vampires is uncovered, he must turn to the one woman he can’t read: the beautiful yet mysterious Roxanne Reynolds, whose sensual presence soothes his tormented memories. Roxy had put love before duty once before, with devastating results. But to root out a dangerous traitor in their midst, she must put her faith in Santiago, the one man skilled enough to break through her defenses. Posing as lovers, Santiago and Roxy work side by side-and discover a powerful craving that threatens to consume them both.

A little about Laurie:

A graduate of Western Washington University with a BA in Business Administration and a former tester/programmer for a Fortune 500 company, Laurie London now writes from her home near Seattle where she lives with her husband and two children.
Her debut book, BONDED BY BLOOD, A Sweetblood Novel, came out February 2011 from HQN Books. It was followed by HIDDEN BY BLOOD, an e-novella June 2011; EMBRACED BY BLOOD July 2011; “Enchanted By Blood,” a novella in the anthology A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS Oct 2011; TEMPTED BY BLOODMarch 2012; and SEDUCED BY BLOOD August 2012.
Her writing has won and been a finalist in several prestigious contests including the Beacon, the Emerald City Opener, the Marlene, and the Orange Rose.
She is a member of Romance Writers of America®, Greater Seattle Area RWA, and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.  
When not writing, she can be found running, reading, or riding and showing her horse. Someday she hopes to qualify for the Quarter Horse World Show – that is, if her horse doesn’t get hurt again.

 Find Laurie here

Seduced by Blood Tour

July 19th Books-n-Kisses
July 20th United by Books
July 21st The Qwillery

Giveaway Details:
 1 copy of Seduced by Blood and a set of Trading Cards (US/Canada winner). 
or to international winner would receive an E-BOOK of Seduced by Blood (Amazon or B&N)

One winner of the whole tour will get a complete set of the Sweetblood Series, along with a set of Trading Cards and a custom made book thong by Mandy from Shiny Stupid Designs. {US/Canada Only}

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