Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review for Claimed by Desire by Kristin Miller

Title: Claimed by Desire
Author: Kristin Miller
Description: Empath Misty Burke only ever wanted one man: dragon shifter Rafe Landon. Their attraction was irresistible, but he was forbidden to love a member of another race and banished her from their island, breaking Misty's heart.

Misty believes she's gotten over him since that day—until she's called home for a mission to help Rafe's clan. The primal draw between them is as strong as ever, but despite their searing passion, Rafe still refuses to put Misty at risk by claiming her as his rider and mate. Even if it costs him his

My Thoughts: Ten years prior, a broken hearted Misty was banished from the one place she considered home, the Isle of Frealon, is forced to leave the one man she has ever loved, a Draco, and abandon her dreams of becoming Rafe’s Rider (mate) behind. Misty before banishment had been one of the best empaths to explore and map out the territories between the Merfolf, werewolves and Dragons . Now she is brought back to help find the Draco stone which is the source for the Draco’s powers and the longer it's gone the weaker they become.

Rafe had banished the only woman he ever loved. Being a Draco ,also known as a dragon shifter, the life of their riders aren't long and he wanted more for her. Now that she is back he would do anything to protect her and he the happiest he has been since sending her away. Along the mission they are on he is hoping to make her see it was always about what was best for her and he never meant to hurt her, but he thought it was better for her to fulfill her dreams by the banishment. Though Rafe hasn't claimed a Rider, which causes consequences he isn't willing to let on to but is a matter of life and death . Instead, he wants to make the best of the time they now have reunited.

Let me just say first, some of my favorite stories are about shifters. Throw that in with smexy Rafe: your emerald eyed, dark haired, broad bodied, guy who has green flecks under his eyes the same shade as his dragon form, can you say Yummmm? Top that with his banter, and love for Misty, and it's bound to make you fall in love with him too. He knew when to tease and bait her, as well as showing his love and tender feelings. There was a few times I wanted to shake him as well for not letting Misty have her say in what she wanted rather than what he thought best. Misty is a strong woman who knows what she wants. Even though she was hurt, she was loyal enough to put past hurts behind with the same goal in mind. And when she gives her heart she gives it all. Since the characters have previous history it was easy to get into the story right in the thick of it which i love when you’re dealing with shorts. Miller has created an amazingly beautiful world that had me wanting to know more about each species so it will leave a good opening for books to come and characters were interested in seeing more of

The passion between Misty and Rafe is hot. You can tell the love between the characters is so strong you couldn't help but root for it to keep going forward. This short had all the workings of a great story. There was love lost and found again, sex that sizzles, some action and intrigue to the world Miller built. I quite enjoyed my journey into the Isle of Frealon and can't wait to visit again. I certainly was "Claimed by Desire"

4 out of 5 stars

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Vanessa theJeepDiva said...

Great review. I loved both books in this series!

Kristin Miller said...

Thanks so much! The novellas in the Isle of Feralon series were two of my favorite books to write. I'm so glad you enjoyed them!

lindsey hutchison @ United By Books said...

Thanks for asking me to review it. Fell in love with the world you created. I will have to get book 2 soon .