Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Review for Warrior: The Claiming by Elliot Deveraux

Title: Warrior: The Claiming
Author : Elliot Deveraux

Description: Angelique Devereaux has walked the earth for thousands of years, always alone - Damned to wage an eternal battle to vanquish evil.

Asher Elliot is an immortal who has loved and lost. He walks in darkness, soul tortured by hate and rage. Like Angelique, he is a warrior.

Their lives are about to change in ways neither could have ever imagined. Chance has put Angelique in Asher's path. Drawn by a compulsion he barely understands, Asher goes to the ancient Keep, to claim the legendary Slayer, or have her end his dark existence...

My Thoughts: You can't fight the pull of seduction and love so fierce you’re willing to give up everything just to experience it. Especially when it makes you feel the most alive you have felt in years.... Ages .... and beyond
. Angelique as well as Asher, is an ancient warrior in their own rights. Asher, who has been hiding in the shadows, is drawn to Angelique like no other.. And though she can sense him, she bides her time to see what his move will be. Then one night both fierce warriors in their own right stop fighting the pull and consequences that can come with it should they ever join, and let the flames engulf them .

For a short this book surprised me. The words were evocative and the story intriguing . The passion is so powerful and seductive between the characters you start to forget it is a short. While "the claiming" begins us on the journey of what you would do for love and passion against the future of a bumpy road . My only complaint is that while I enjoyed this short I wanted it to keep going. So I am looking forward to the next installment Warrior : The Retribution and to see what Angelique and Asher had to face and how their love and passion thrive.

4 out of 5 stars

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