Monday, October 15, 2012

Guest Post and Giveaway with JB Lynn

I love writing. I hate writing. I love it. I hate it. Love. Hate.
These aren’t the feelings I’ve experienced in my lifetime. They’rewhat I’ve felt in the last fifteen minutes.
Writing, the act of creation, is a blast, a high, a shot of adrenaline.
It’s also hard; really, really hard.
There are times when I think it’s the most wonderful thing in the world.
And there are times when I swear I’m never, ever going to do it again.
But of course I go back to it. It’s my addiction, or perhaps some sort of congenital defect. Something in my genes makes me have to do it. I’ve been afflicted since I was a little kid.
I think nothing of turning down an invitation to a party if it means I can curl up with my spiral notebook and purple pen.
And yet I’m a master procrastinator. I’ll gladly scrub the bathroom to avoid sitting down to write.
There have been times when I’ve enjoyed the magic of my compositions, but most of the time I think I’m a hack. I believe that each success is a fluke and that it will never happen again.
I look back on things I’ve written and am proud of what I’ve accomplished.
I read old works and cringe that the dreck made it out into the world for public consumption.

Writing has lifted me to my highest highs and has stomped me down to the lowest of lows.
I vow to never do it again; but within a short period of time, I get an idea that won’t leave me alone until I’ve written it down, explored it, fleshed it out until it becomes as real to me as the world around me.
I love writing. I hate writing. I am a writer.

Now you tell me: What do you both love and hate?

 Please be sure to answer the question and to leave an email address.  One lucky winner (US or Canada only) will receive an ebook copy of either the first or second Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman book (winner’s choice).

Take three wacky aunts,

two talking animals,

one nervous bride,

and an upcoming hit,

and you've got the follow-up

to JB Lynn's wickedly funny
Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman
Knocking off a drug kingpin was the last thing on Maggie Lee's to-do list, but when a tragic accident leaves her beloved niece orphaned and in the hospital, Maggie will go to desperate lengths to land the money needed for her care.

But the drug kingpin is the least of her worries. Maggie's aunts are driving her crazy, her best friend's turned into a bridezilla…and a knock on the head has given Maggie Dr. Dolittle abilities—she can talk to animals. Unfortunately, they talk back.

It's just another day in the life of this neurotic hitwoman

********* EXCERPT *********
“I see a disco ball in your future.” Armani Vasquez, the closest thing I had to a friend at Insuring the Future, delivered this pronouncement right after she sprinkled a handful of candy corn into her Caesar salad.

Disgusted by her food combination, I pushed my own peanut butter and jelly sandwich away. “Really? A disco ball?”

If you’d told me a month ago that I’d be leaning over a table in the lunchroom, paying close attention to the bizarre premonitions of my half-crippled, wannabe-psychic coworker, I would have said you were crazy.

But I’d had one hell of a month.

First there had been the car accident. My sister Theresa and her husband, Dirk, were killed; my three-year-old niece, Katie, wound up in a coma; and I ended up with the ability to talk to animals. Trust me, I know exactly how crazy that sounds, but it’s true … I think.

On top of everything else, I inadvertently found myself hurtling down a career path I never could have imagined.

I’m now a hitwoman for hire. Yes, I kill people for money … but just so you know, I don’t go around killing just anyone. I’ve got standards. The two men I killed were bad men, very bad men.

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Cheryl S. said...

I LOVE a clean house! I just HATE to clean it myself! lol

JB Lynn said...

That's a great one, Cheryl. I share your love/hate!

B.E. Sanderson said...

I'm with Cheryl, too. Clean houses are awesome, but cleaning them stinks. For my own love/hate relationship: I love baking, but I hate cleaning up afterwards (and the calories that come with eating my creations.) ;o)

JB Lynn said...

Thanks, B.E. -- a see a theme about cleaning emerging

chey said...

I agree. I love doing crafts but I hate cleaning up later.

JB Lynn said...

Chey -- I have a friend who says "Glitter is my mortal enemy."

Kelsey-plain and simple said...

Oh, love/hate. I think writing. Really, I hate editing. I love the prettier finished product, but I hate getting to it so much I hide away under my desk.

JB Lynn said...

Kelsey -- There's NOTHING I love about editing. NOTHING. ;-)