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Review for Wicked Beloved by Susanne Saville

Title: Wicked Beloved
Author: Susanne Saville

Description: Though warned of the Tellurian slave’s uncooperative nature, Guild Assassin Dzer-Jin Vonn is intrigued when the alluring redhead promises to obey him and be the best slave ever. Her prior owner misused her but did not quench her spirit; her tongue cuts with amusing precision.

Abducted from Earth by aliens, ripped from life as she knows it, she gives her new master only the label “slave” to call her by.  She’s landed in a culture where violence is foreplay. Yet her sexy master stands apart from his peers; he shows compassion.

When Dzer-Jin is challenged to slice her skin for public titillation, she agrees to the display with no bonds but trust. He earns status for her obedience but she frets he’ll tire of his “pet” if she doesn’t service his sexual appetites. The passion seething between them terrifies her. Is her desire to escape to Earth stronger than her need to serve Dzer-Jin’s lust—or her own?

My Thoughts: Normally I don't venture off my review requests. That being said, my friend Crystal sent me a message asking me to do a review on "Wicked Beloved". Which got me curious since it takes a lot for her to get excited about a book. So, I had to see if it was for the book itself or the eargasm she was looking forward to upon the release of the audio.

Dzer-Jin also known as Vonn went with his friend to get a new slave. He didn't expect to be intrigued by a red-headed slave who was said to be untrainable, but if trained she is also the most sought after salve on the planet. Everyone knows when slaves don't get picked by owners they are euthanized so to prevent that she promises Dzer-Jinn she would be the most obedient slave ever. Yet, in her head she just wanted out to survive and hopefully plot a way to get back to earth. Then Dzer-Jinn surprises her by not being completely like the others on this strange cruel planet. While she surprises him by keeping him in a state of perpetual hardness yet he doesn't want to scare her with his needs. Then one night at a club things go a step further and soon they both find it hard not to give in and enjoy their bodies pleasures.

The first part of the book was building the storyline up.  I was thinking it has to be the eargasm anticipation till Saville turned up the heat on me and then I knew it was both.  I will admit the slave in the story at first irritated me because I was expecting a girl with a sassy mouth on her and instead she seemed more scared and uncertain. Though you soon find out she had a reason to be. As the story goes on her personality grows stronger and you see her backbone come out. That makes you like her alot. Dzer-jinn well what can be said, except he made other worldly aspects sexy for being from a different planet. He is supposed to be an unfeeling assassin . It's what he does, but with his slave he is different. She brings out a side of him he didn't know he had. He wants her to be submissive to him willingly. Let's just say there is one incident in the book where I would normally think, heck no but in part of the BDSM scene but he wound up making knife play kinda sexy. Not that I would ever do that, but that was a hot scene plus you have to keep in mind the planet they are on thrives quite a bit on violence.

I really loved the building relationships between the characters. I also like how Saville changed my mind about the characters and left me with a page turner I couldn't put down. There is light BDSM and some violence. Though if you mainly stay focused on the two main characters which you can't help to be you will see the  passion and tender feelings growing. Not to mention; a villain who you will want to get his just rewards. All together I enjoyed this book and my friend Crystal will be enjoying her eargasm.  I am looking forward to reading other works by Saville now that I've sampled the goods and can't wait to see what else she has on the table.

4 out of 5 Stars

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