Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review for Heart of a Soldier by Tamara Hoffa

Title: Heart of a Soldier
Author: Tamara Hoffa

Description: Soldier Jameson Hunter faces the battle of his life: winning the heart of Charlotte Mackenzie, widowed mother of a young recruit.

My Thoughts: First let me say Boroughs Publishing Group has started a new line of books called Lunchbox Romances. Which basically means that they are short enough to get through and enjoy on your lunch time be it work or school. Even nap time for the mommies.

Charlotte Mackenzie also known as Charlie is widowed and raising a teenage son who has stated he is interested in entering the Army after he graduates. Charlie having lost her husband fears she may lose her son. Though she doesn't want to clip his wings because of her fears, so she agrees to meet with Jameson Hunter to talk through her issues. When she sees smexy Jameson her body comes alive. Jameson wants to ease Charlie's fears, but he is instantly attracted to her as well and wants to ease her fears over dinner.

For a short and a new author I think Tamara Hoffa did a really good job drawing in the readers. I enjoyed this short. I did read it in one day although, not all at once as things kept interrupting me. However, in one day for sure. Hoffa,  brought you a sweet , realistic contemporary romance with a bit of heat for an added punch at the end. These characters are mature in age and it's always nice to root for them. Charlie was relatable and likable. In a way she made me look through my mom's eyes just a wee bit since we lost my older sister and she is always fears when I go out. Plus, Charlie is sweet, but at times can be very fiery . Jameson is sweet, swoon worthy and so sexy. He can woo me anytime. I can't complain about the shortness because I myself enjoyed it. The only complaint if I can call it that, is I would have like to see more of Jameson's thoughts stated from his point of view. Though even without it I think that this was a good read wrapped up in a nice bow.

If your looking for a quick enjoyable read then you may want to check out "Heart of a Soldier". I look forward to seeing more of Hoffa's work in the future. I also want to say great job, for this being a good break out book. I for one certainly would like to capture the  "Heart of a Soldier". 
4 out of 5 Stars
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Anonymous said...

What a great review--I love a short story I can read over lunch or during nap time!