Friday, February 1, 2013

Promo Post ~ The Falcon Falls by Vivien Sparx and Giveaway

Who is Hector Knight?

Willow Everingham can't stop dreaming about her handsome boss, but Hector Knight is much more than just a gorgeous businessman. 
And when Willow discovers Hector's incredible secret, she is hurled headlong into a desperate adventure that reaches its gripping climax on a desolate island in the Mediterranean, where an ancient mystery ignites a blaze of erotic lust, passion greed... and ultimately a love that has spanned the centuries.
Have you ever felt like you've known someone forever?

A story of approximately 40,000 words.

Just A Taste…
The voice was barely a whisper, close in my ear so that it sounded like a scream in my mind. I flinched instinctively, my body seized and guilty with the shock of being discovered. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks so my face burned.
I stopped breathing.
Hector had come in the night like a hunter stalking his prey, moving with the silent footfalls of a panther, and so intense had been my erotic fascination that he had arrived in silence.
He was standing close behind me, his breath a soft sensual caress on my neck and cheek. I closed my eyes and when I breathed again it was as a tremulous shudder.
I eased my hand from between my legs but he touched at my elbow and stilled me.
"No. Keep pleasuring yourself." His voice was hoarse and tense.
I felt his body flatten against my back and a strong arm wrapped around my waist. I leaned against him, keeping my eyes shut; feeling and sensing the press of his muscles, the strain of his arousal and the intoxicating smell of him. His other arm went around my chest - not tight - but his hand was firm and insistent as it clamped over the weight of my breast and he began to tease my nipple.

As a writer of erotic romance, the beauty of the genre is not in creating lavish settings for my stories.
Nor is my fascination for erotic romance drawn from the opportunity to create handsome heroes and beautiful heroines.
My real love for the genre stems from the opportunity to take my readers on a journey and engage as many of their emotions as possible.
I believe writing erotic romance gives authors the most influence over how a reader feels as we engage them in our stories.
Writers of action books, or horror books certainly can create compelling situations, but with erotic romance we writers can immerse our readers in a multitude of emotions unprecedented in any other form of creative fiction.
I can frustrate readers, make them laugh, make them cry, delight them, intrigue them, inform them – erotic fiction is a total emotional experience, and it is gratifying to hear readers respond to stories with passion.
I believe readers want to be engaged and drawn into the pages of a story, and as a writer of erotic romance, we have the greatest opportunity because our stories are always relatable. They may be fictional worlds and fictional characters, but the themes of love and romance and erotica are so universal, and so personal to each of us that we all respond to stories in different ways.
But we all respond.
And that’s the true joy of writing erotic romance. It matters not so much how you respond as you read… it matters only that you do respond. If a writer can engage you and make you feel, then the story’s journey is one well worth taking.

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Vivien has generously offered up an eBook copy of The Falcon Falls to one lucky winner. All you have to do is fill out the rafflecopter below. 

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kazza16 said...

Nice to meet you Vivien!
Thank you so much for sharing the excerpt from The Falcon Falls and a little bit about yourself too!
I love erotic romance and will defnitely be reading your book whether I win a copy or not.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great book. Thanks for the giveaway.

kandj7299 at verizon dot net

Crystal Newman said...

I can't say that I've heard your name before. After reading about your book and now I can't wait to read it. So I've found a new author. Thanks for sharing.

Megan D. Martin said...

The Falcon Falls sounds amazing. I can't wait to read it. And the excerpt is such a teaser! Thanks for sharing. :-)