Sunday, July 10, 2011

Buy The Paperback of Trinity and Get a Signed Book Plate

Trinity has gone on sale at Amazon. Deena Remiel has said if you buy it, or have bought it you can email her with your snail mail for a free signed book plate. I wrote a review for Trinity you can find it HERE 

Here is the Amazon Link for a paperback of Trinity

Costs: 10.79 Now on Sale

Once bought email Deena Remiel at DeenaRemiel (at) yahoo (dot) com ....minus the spaces. Tell her you bought a paperback copy send her proof of receipt and  write your snail mail in the email. Proof of receipt can be your Amazon,B&N, or Borders email receipt or a scanned copy if you buy it in store. In the Subject Line write Book Plate


Deena said...

Thanks so much, Lindsey! It's so hard to connect with everyone who buys my books, but signing a bookplate for them is one way to get a little closer. :)

lindsey hutchison said...

It was my pleasure! You know how much i adore your angels and you. Plus i think its pretty awesome you are willing to sign bookplates for your fans!

Sassy said...

I'm going to post this on my blog too ladies. :D