Friday, July 22, 2011

Guest Post With John Evans Author of The Fallen

I would like to take the time to introduce a fellow friend and published author, John Evans. I was so happy he agreed to do this guest post. Without further adieu i'll let you read what John has to say to all you lovely readers. 

The Fallen actually has an interesting genesis. I began writing the book halfway through my Freshman year of high school, more than two years after a freak accident rendered my computer non functioning, and all my backups of a different work in progress were forever lost to me. From then on, I spent many sleepless and discouraging nights staring blankly at a Lotus Word Pro document into the wee hours of the morning. Then, on a cold morning in December, at about 2:30AM I wrote a single a line; "The Fall was abrupt and sudden", thus setting the stage for one of the most remarkable, and thought provoking pieces I have ever written. 

The Fallen is a scifi/fantasy that follows Scout "Striker" Carleson as he faces off against an alien intelligence only known as "The Fallen". In the book, Striker must look past a constant barrage of strange mindtricks, falsehoods, and conspiracies to discover the truth of how The Fallen came to be. However, nothing is ever what it seems, and in uncovering these secrets, Striker must bring himself to confront a far greater evil, and accept a destiny that could spell the end of not just our universe, but the unfinite number of realities that surround it.

The Fallen was written over the course of my high school career, and published less than two years later. With high school long behind me, I have worked diligently on its sequel which is aptly named, The Ascension. I find that inspiration moves like the tide. At times, the tide is out, and inspiration is hard to come by. But if I wait a while, the tide rushes back in and inspiration comes pouring into me, willing these educated fingers to weave words feverishly across the page. It is that very inspiration that is quickly bringing The Ascension to its climax. And as the ink dries on the final chapters, I leave you with an excerpt from The Fallen, and my parting words; Forsake Reality, and I'll Show you a Wonder. Thank you to United by Books for presenting me with this opportunity to share my work with you.

Excerpt: Fireball quietly stepped out from his seat onto the techno-organic surface of the weapons depot. Drawing a knife, he snuck through the shadows, leaving not so much as a footprint in his wake. He quickly jumped up into a tree and peered out from the metallic foliage. The depot was heavily guarded, nearly impenetrable to any normal being. But Fireball wasn't normal. He leaped from his refuge and ran like a leopard chasing its quarry. He saw two guards in a watchtower, stopping him abruptly. He returned to the shadows, praying he hadn't been seen. Seeing how he wasn't swarmed by guards, he charged through the shadows and up to the tower. He scaled the back part and dove into one of the portholes. The guards didn't even have a chance to shriek. Their heads landed with a sickening thud on the floor. Fireball cleaned the bloodstained knife and returned it to its sheath. He dropped down the tower and proceeded to do the same thing to the patrol

guards. Lastly, he visited the generators that supplied the power for the lights and machinery. He placed a small charge at each one and then ran until he was a safe distance away. He reached into his glove, pulled out a wristwatch, and pushed a button. The generators exploded, then all was still. The once noisy depot was plunged into the shadows.

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