Thursday, July 7, 2011

Review for Her Slave

Title: Her Slave
Author: Lisandra Lantigua
Description: Nelly & Ryan have been dating for a year now, Nelly wants to finally explore who she truly is... with Ryan, but he will have to give himself entirely. Is that something he's willing to risk, or will he leave her hot, wet and single?
Summary: "What's your fantasy?" three little words that had Nelly telling her boyfriend her inner desire. That desire is a sex slave, not just any sex slave, but Ryan as her sex slave. Ryan, you can tell, is excited bout the idea. Needing help to pursue her first experience in being a dom, she turns to her best friend Lucy,  and Lucy's boyfriend Manny for a bit of help. After not hearing from Ryan a few days, Nelly is nervous he wont show and explore this sexy, passionate side of her.
My Thoughts: Lisandra Lantigua has certainly surprised me with this very short read. Talk bout packing a punch of sexual desires in one book. What woman doesn't want to dominate her man from time to time, especially knowing it turns him on just as much? Nelly makes girls relate by wondering if they're daring enough to explore there fantasy side and let their passion rule the bedroom. This book makes me wonder what to expect for part two, and hope that its longer and steamier then this one. I will for sure be checking out the next edition.
 Costs: .99

4 out of 5 stars

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