Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Interview And Giveaway With Lisandra Lantigua

I would like to say Hi and Welcome to United By Books Lisandra, and thanks for taking the time to join us today. I am honored to have you on my blog. Your all in for a treat! You can find my review for Her Slave (Love It Rough) here to check out ~  

Review For Her Slave (Love It Rough)

U.B.B~ Tell us a little about yourself? 

Lisandra~ Well, Im 25, a mother, wife and i was born and raised in Cuba :)

U.B.B Have you always wanted to be an author? 

Lisandra~ Umm, not necessarily. My thing was always art, but when I was around 19 I picked up "Lovers and Players" by Jackie Collins and well, since then I've been a book-whore! It was only a matter of time till i actually put my own story on paper.  

U.B.B~ What are your writing habits?

Lisandra~  I try so very hard to have a writing habit, but I've come to realize that my characters only speak to me at night time. Like right before I close my eyes (already laying on my pillow), it's a bit annoying but if i don't write it down they wont let me sleep.

U.B.B~ Tell the readers about your steamy short story Her Slave?  

Lisandra~ Her Slave is about a young couple (Nelly & Ryan) who have been together for almost a year but are - i guess you can say stuck- on "vanilla" sex (which there's nothing wrong with btw) and when Ryan (her boyfriend) asks her what's her fantasy she decides to take a chance and answer honestly.
U.B.B~ Did some of your fantasies go into the writing of Her Slave?
Linsandra~ Umm, *blushing* I'd be lying if i said no.

U.B.B~Where did you get the idea for this particular book?

Lisandra~ I just sat down one day and started to write. I didn't dream of glittering men or anything, i just had an idea, maybe a paragraph and it developed into a story.

U.B.B~ Was there any particular author or book that made you want to be a writer?

Lisandra~ Yes, so many actually. But there's this one author in particular (that I contacted after reading one of her incredibly awesome stories) that inspired me tremendously; Jasmine Haynes. She has a way with words that can put you exactly where she wants you to be. But there are many others who inspire me as well: J.R. Ward, Jaci Burton, Shayla Black, Maya Banks, Gena Showalter, Zane, just to name a few. 

U.B.B~ What made you think to write Erotica?

Lisandra~ I write Erotica because its a genre that lets you tell all the details, even the juice ones :)  

U.B.B~ I know Part 2 Her Master...Love the title just so you know...Care to share a bit about whats in store for us?

Lisandra~ Her Master is Manny and Lucy's present (couple of weeks after Nelly & Ryan's story), with flashes to how they met. They are a serious S/M couple so this book is pretty steamy and has a twist that will lead you to the third of the series, and will also bring closure to Nelly and Ryan. 

U.B.B ~ What do you have planned after Her Master?

Lisandra~  The next book in the Love it Rough (LIR) Series is titled: Her Submission (which I am currently writing)

Lisandra would like to giveaway a Ebook copy of Her Slave to one lucky commenter. The giveaway will last through till Saturday the 23rd. On Sunday a winner will be announced. Leave a comment or a question on this post for Lisandra and she will respond. Also please take the time to like her author page.


nani said...
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nani said...

I love books not because they are sexy and when you read them they put you in your own world. I have MS and it is so good to read a book with lively characters, reading the action are taking place. Reading is beyond Sexy,it is also for me a helper for my mind and give me good ideas for when my hubby and I want some us time. Love when a book comes to life. I love erotica books.
July 20, 2011 12:33 AM

Sassy said...

Great interview. These books look and sound like a great read.

Is this giveaway international?

Theresa said...

I like how you have such a good story line besides the "sexy" scenes. To me, books give me a chance to unwind and go to a place that I can live thru the characters in the book. I really liked your interview and am excited to try your books out.
Thank you for the giveaway.

rhonda said...

great interview. This is a spicey book! I have never read a book like this, I would love to win so I can start reading in a whole new world. I have only been reading for a yr now and I am into Paranormal romance, but maybe this could swing me to the other side ;). great giveaway, thanks!

lindsey hutchison said...

Awesome comments so far guys Lisandra should be stopping in shortly and yes Stacey it is open to all its a Ebook copy im sorry i forgot to put what kind it was. I just updated the post so everyone knows.

Kelly said...

Great interview Lindsey....... Oh don't enter me already have this book... Just stopping by to show you and Lisandra some love!!!!

Anonymous said...

Super sexy covers!!! ;)

Lisandra L said...

Hi Ladies!
Thank you so much for all your love and kind words,I hope you enjoy my series and please feel free to ask me anything else you might want to know.
Lisandra L.

lindsey hutchison said...

contest closes in a few hours and a few people mailed me cause they couldnt get in with blogger so they are entered as well

Mara ~Hi, Lindsey:
I just read today'sinterview with Lsandra and Blogger is being a pain and not letting me leave a comment on the your site. Can you enter me in the giveaway anyway? some daysBlogger just doesn't work!
Thanksalot - oh - I really enjoyed the interview!

and Maria Mercedes ~ Hi! I've been trying to post on your blog....I dont know what I am doing wont allow to post it keeps wanting me to log into my google account...and I have signed on a million times. Can you help....????????? yes I am a member. I have 3 google accounts & have signed in under ALL three just in case!

so they are entered as well. good luck everyone Winner will be chosen tomorrow still time to enter for another hour and 20 mins