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Off Her Game Blog Tour ~ Guest Post and Giveaway with Suzan Butler

by Suzan Butler 

Penalty Number One: Men

Making time for men and relationships doesnt fit into Valerie Chases game plan. This crisis-counselor-turned-cocktail-waitress knows the scoreMen are a distraction. But when a certain hockey player tempts her wild side, part of her wants to indulge in a little harmless fun.

Penalty Number Two: Desire

As the star center for the Texas Highlanders, Darren Moran's good looks and deadly determination make him a fan favorite. But after the previous seasons disaster, the last thing he needs is to let some woman crawl under his skin. But… Valerie is different. She brings out the best in himboth on and off the iceand hes not about to lose her.

Penalty Number Three: Passion

When the game moves to the next level, Darren and Val have got to call timeout. An unplanned romance is a game-thrower, a sinful temptation that neither of them can afford. After all, theres no way to have order in matters of the heart when the penalties tally up to an ejection from the game.

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********* GUEST POST ********* 

Four Awesome Hockey Movies

I make no secret of my love for hockey. In fact, it might be to my detriment, since everything I do online has some form of hockey involved. It’s that author branding thing, you know? Anyway, I figure it’s part of who I am, so I’ll roll with it. So today, I’m going to talk about my top four hockey movies and why they are my topfour.

Hockey Mom

This is a little known flick. It’s Canadian, and was originally known as another title in Canada. As with a lot of movies, the title changed to fit the US market. It’s about a single mom learning to balance what’s important. It struck a lot of chords with me.

Mystery, Alaska

Man, I need to rewatch this. Basically, this small town hockey team that plays for fun gets sucked up into a media circus when they are chosen to play against the New York Rangers. And you know, Russell Crowe… I loves me some Russell Crowe.

The Cutting Edge

Ahhh… Now this movie… I get a big sigh over this movie. Washed up hockey player goes into pair skating with a stuck up figure skater. Teehee. This movie makes me smile. Now I want to go up to some random person and say “Toe pick” and run away.

The Mighty Ducks

Emilio Estevez. Hockey. So, a self-centered lawyer is sentenced to community service coaching a rag tag youth hockey team. Now I look back on this movie, and I think that Emilio Estevez is hot here. But when I first watched this waaaaay back in the early 90s, guess who had a crush on the child star… one Charlie Conway… played by Joshua Jackson. Would you know that I didn’t realize he played the kid until I looked it up recently? Crazy.

Sure, there are more hockey movies. I’ve seen more. But these four are the ones that stick with me the most when I think of hockey movies.

So what’s your favorite hockey movie? Do you have a favorite hockey book too?
Suzan Butler is a romance author, both contemporary and fantasy with a penchant for Dr. Pepper, ice hockey, and world domination.

You can also find her on Twitter (often tweeting inappropriately!) and Facebook or watch her ramble incessantly on her Blog about various things like hockey, shoes, online dating, and even her mad picture-taking skills from time to time. Sometimes, she talks about writing and social media.

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