Thursday, October 13, 2011

100 Followers Blog Giveaway

Hey there to all United By Books awesome followers!!! As a thank you for following my page and leaving comments on my reviews, guest posts, giveaways and so on I wanted to have a giveaway in honor of you all. There will be two books up for grabs! One winner will be U.S. and i'll also have one International winner. The books arent signed there ones i bought for this giveaway......So now to see what is up for grabs....

Waking up on a ship in the middle of the high seas, Bailey Spencer is shocked to discover she's being held prisoner by Captain Cole Leighton --- a handsome rogue who plans to use her as a pawn in his pursuit of vengeance. In all her life, Bailey has never met a man so seductive. She must escape, but his smoldering gaze and caressing touch are irresistible ...


Now that he's found the missing piece in his plot for revenge, Cole has no intention of setting Bailey free, though he is intrigued by her unassuming beauty and courageous spirit. But, torn between his sudden passion for Bailey and his vow for vengeance, Cole may not be capable of putting his precious jewel in danger --- or of ever letting her go ...

MARYJANICE DAVIDSON  “Tall, Dark and Not So Faery”
Scarlett is not your typical pint-sized faery. At six feet, four inches tall, she’s an unlikely candidate for a match made in heaven. But when she ventures to Cannon Falls, Minnesota, on royal orders to survey its extraordinary residents, she stumbles upon the one man who just may measure up to size…
William Timber is a cutthroat developer who refuses to let a few trees come between him and his next million. But when Avalina—a sparkling faery charged to protect all things green—comes to town, William is forced to choose between life as he knows it and the unknown reaches of his heart.
MICHELE HAUF “Dust Me, Baby, One More Time”
A librarian by day and a tooth faery by night, Sidney has absolutely no time to find Mr. Right. Until she flies smack dab into sexy, sun-bronzed Dart Sand, a man who makes her wings a-flutter…and whose allure could get her banished from the Mortal Realm.
LEANDRA LOGAN “A Little Bit Faery”
Tia is mystified when she strikes out on the Luna faery singles scene, in spite of her hourglass curves and vivacious charm. Then she takes off for Manhattan and lands on the doorstep of a steamy firefighter who sets her soul on fire—and shares a strong connection to her secret past.

So now that you know whats up for grabs here is what you must do:

~You must be a GFC Follower of United By Books
~Leave a Comment about what genre's you like to read on this post and include what country your from.
~Make sure you leave a Email address to be entered so i know how to get a hold of you

This contest will go on till next Friday October 21 winners will be picked on Saturday October 22.


Author JM Kelley said...

I'm a contemporary girl to the core, but I've been branching out. If it comes in book or ebook form, I'll read it. What can I say, I'm an addict! And a girl from the good ole U.S. of A.

Donna said...

I am really getting into the paranormal right now, and Michelle Hauf is one of my faves... I seriously would love to win either of these books! And, like J M Kelley said, I am an addict.. I'm from the USA, and my email addy is Thank you for the opportunity to win!

Donna Bobbs

Author JM Kelley said...

Because I'm a dork who forgot my email... jm_kelley at hotmail dot com!

Denise Z said...
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Denise Z said...

Congratulations on this milestone. I am a follower and am so happy you have met this milestone. Thank you for sharing the joy with this fun giveaway opportunity. I enjoy many genres, but right now I would have to say my current favorite is urban fantasy. I am also following you on facebook, but for some reason am not getting your posts, but I will keep watching for them. I am in the US.


Arianne Cruz said...

GFC: Arianne Cruz
I love historical books, adult romance books, and YA books.
country: USA
email: cruz042 at csusm dot edu

LadyVampire2u said...

Well, after you see my blog name, you probably can guess that paranormal books are my favorite. But I also read a little of everything. My other favorites are Urban Fantasy, YA, Historical Romance, Fantasy and sometimes Suspence/Thrillers or Mystery books. Thanks for the giveaway!
LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

Tanya said...

I'll read anything but my favorite genres are Paranormal Romance and Horror. I'm from the USA.

rockchick531 at gmail dot com

roro said...

l'll read anything but my favorite genres are Paranormal Romance, historical romance and urban fantasy and kind of YA books
[no non fiction] i'm from warm suriname

GFC; rogier
rogcaprino at hotmail dot com

Kelly said...

WHOOP WHOOP!!!!! Congrats on 100 Followers... Keep up the good work.


bluesun1218 said...

First time visiting your blog, I have to say seeing Alexander's face makes me love this blog automatically :) I love to read Paranormal Romance, Suspense, Horror. The Faeries Gone Wild book sounds right up my alley. Thanks for the chance to win and congrats on the 100+ followers!

Johanna R Jochum said...

I love most genres of romance. Historical, PNR, contemp, and suspense. I do tend to like the lighter and funnier side of PNR though. I don't care for anything to dark. but I will try most anything if it is recommended by friends. I would love to see a mixture of different books! I'm easy to please! Thanks for sharing with us!


alainala said...

im a huge paranormal addict. also urban fantasy and Young adult.. heck i even read kids books when i get bored.. lol.. pure romance, historical.. depends on the author

im in Canada here!!

alainala AT hotmail DOT ca

KhelseyJackson said...

I love to read almost anything! But I would say paranormal and I am from the US :D

Amanda W. said...

I am a true bookaholic! I will read almost any kind of book!
congratulations on reaching 100!

marybelle said...

I love EVERYTHING & ANYTHING Historical.



Di said...

I look for Romance & an HEA. Contemporary or Historical, Humor or Suspense - I like to mix it up.

sallans d at yahoo dot com

Gracen Miller said...

My favorite genre is paranormal, contemporary and erotic romance but I grew up reading historical and still toss some in every once in a while.

Huggle-humps my Naughty Hellhound. ;-)


Tricia Schneider said...

I like to read just about everything, but paranormal romance is one of my favorites. Congrats on the milestone!


Sue B. said...

Hey lovely!
Congrats on the 100 followers - amazing job! I love to read every type of paranormal but at the moment I am going through a m/m romance phase. Love books with a HEA, humour and hot bods! I live across the other side of the world in Oz! xxx

lindsey hutchison said...

thanks everyone for commenting im lovin celebrating this milestone with you all! dont forget to put what country your in so i know when i go to pick the winners and make sure i get one in the U.S. and one International xoxo

Laura Ferrari said...

I haven't got a favourite period frame as long as it's romance but, when choosing, I usually tend to Regency and debutantes/rakes or wallflowers/rakes themes.
I also love paranormal, especially if vampires are involved :-)
And I'm from Italy


maria said...

Hi! I love young adult & Adult paranormal & historical romance, erotic romance & I have started to read BDSM. USA, kitkat924 (at) comcast (dot) net

Ana Torres said...

Rogue looks good heck I wouldnt mind being held prisoner... lol =)

anaitorres87 at yahoo

msmjb65 said...

congrats on hitting 100 and counting. I'm following as MJB On GFC. Glad I could help. I'm a huge paranormal fan be it urban fantasy or erotica. I love it all.
msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com
ps. good book choices fir the giveaway!

mommy0306 said...

i love just about anything from erotic to ya. i find i really enjoy the adult books though and i prefer stories with paranormal creatures in them but i defently read anything as long as it keeps my attention and i can get into it within a couple chapters. i dont like the books i can't get into or are slow. :|

Terri M

desitheblonde said...
i follow you and then
i like the color of the page woa
what gene i have i been getting
a lot of vamps and they are
becoming more and more popular
i will every thing

Pimpin' Reads said...

I love paranormal romance and urban fantasy. jokestner at yahoo dot com thanks for the giveaway lindsey congrats on the 100 followers

Katrina W said...

whhohoooooooooooooooooooooo Parteeeeeeeeeeee time congrads on the 100 followers hun !!

Well me I love the world of the paranormal... loooooooooveee it all !!! great giveaway and here 's to another 100 !!

Im from the Land down under


Lauren Hunter said...

Hey Lindsey, came by to show my support! Great giveaway. You don't need to put my name in, I just wanted to stop by and let you know I appreciate your friendship. :)

CrystalGB said...

Congrats on 100 followers. I like to read historicals, paranormals, urban fantasy and contemporary romance.

Irene (Josslight089) said...

Congrats for the 100 followers! My favorite genre is historical romance, regency.

Im GFC follower
Im from El Salvador


Nylez said...

Congratulations on reaching 100 followers!!!
I love reading Paranormal Romance, sometimes mystery thrillers too.

GFC: nylez
Im from GUAM, a territory of USA