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Review for Being Wicked by Lacy Danes

Title: Being Wicked
Author: Lacy Danes

Description: It is an evening for rakes and rogues, courtesans and demimondes. Lords and ladies in disguise, all wishing to sample the array of erotic delights around them. But this ball is not the talk of the town, it is a taste of forbidden ecstasy. Lilly had never dreamed
that hiding in her brother's carriage would end in her arrival at a ball such as this. She should be shocked by the bawdy behavior before her, but instead she is intrigued and when Vincent St. Jerome, London's foremost rake, offers to help her find her brother, she follows him to a room filled with peep holes in the walls. What Lilly sees is pure carnal pleasure and all she desires is complete sexual surrender. Lady Wentland is a worldly widow who misses the sensual delights she used to share with her husband, so attending the Cyprian's Ball disguised as a courtesan allows her to sample the erotic pleasures she's missed, until she meets Winston Greyton, her brother's best friend and the one man she knows she might have once loved. She resists his first advances toward her, but the heat of their arousal soon ignites a fire of wicked, reckless passion.

My Thoughts: Two stories come together as two lives interconnect in one night that will help them find themselves and be friends for life. The people I speak of are Lady Grace Wentland and Lady Lillian. After being in a not so good marriage and now widowed, Grace is finally back out on the town, or how it was known then “ton”, in 1828 England. An old friend convinces her to go to a party and she decides this would be the last Cyprian ball and a chance for one last encounter to salve her sexual delights. Upon arriving she sees Lillian fall from a carriage. Lilly, who wants to prove to the people that they are wrong about her brother, sneaks into the blanket compartment of the carriage and winds up the party. Young and innocent in the ways she is about to see, Grace takes her under her wing and explains she must open her mind. When they part, Grace runs into a friend of her brother’s that she had grown up with and loved. They wind up partaking in the pleasure of sensual and erotic delights while Lily runs into her brother’s traveling companion. To the party, he is St. Jerome, to others, he is known as one of the worst rakes about ton (though some would be surprised by him) and she finds herself attracted to him, letting him guide her in finding her brother and the lure of the night. I have been enjoying Historical Romances lately, but Lacy Danes  takes it to the next level by making it Erotic as well. I loved how the stories kept connecting and the different points of views from each character. It was like nothing I have ever read before, but now desiring more. The sex was HOT and lurid, and so erotic you will find yourself panting and getting ideas. The characters draw you in and make you want more for them, not just sex wise, but for them each to find their passion, desires, and happiness. All in all, I enjoyed this book. I have a few more books of Lacy Danes and I cant wait to see what’s in store
4 out of 5 Stars

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