Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review for Rock You Like A Hurricane by JoAnne Kenrick

Title: Rock You Like A Hurricane
Author: Joanne Kenrick
Description: It's 1989 and Ryker Conall, American rock star and heartbreaker, is looking all kinds of Bon Jovi hot. He's back in Australia and staying in the exclusive Darling Harbour Hotel where Sadie Fox works. His plans include more than rocking it down under. He also wants to rekindle what he had with Sadie back in '85. But wanting and getting are two different things.

Sadie's objective is to get through the week without getting under Ryker. Getting over him was hard the first time around. She's not sure she could do it a second. Just one week, that's all. Then she's home free.

When a hurricane moves in, they have to wait it out. It might be a big hotel, but Sadie can't hide from Ryker forever. It's not long before Sadie is backed into a corner. A corner she is not sure she wants to get out of.

My thoughts~ Joanne Kenrick brings you a sweet short and at times sexy short read. Sadie who was once burned, twice shy, can't help herself to try and get a glance at Ryker and the Sirenics when she knows they’re at her hotel. Even if it's against her better judgment. Once Ryker, your typical hot 80s rocker, sees the woman he fell in love with, he becomes a man on a mission to win her over. I loved the 80’s theme and the ghetto blaster bringing up songs that had me smiling. I found it a sweet story with well written main characters. Sadie had sass that  had me laughing at times. While Ryker I could so see him as your typical rocker of that era. The passion between them was electric, so that when they finally got to hook up, the sheets were on fire. I now have a new idea of what I can do with a candle.

4 out of 5 stars
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Katrina W said...

:) This was a great short story... :) U rock !


JoAnne Kenrick said...

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing Rock You Like A Hurricane, Lindsey xxx It's a rockin' review and I'm so happy you enjoyed the experience. And...oh er, I guess those sheets could have 'literally' been on fire, with what they were playing with LOL LOL