Thursday, October 27, 2011

Guest Post With Lisa Renee Jones and Giveaway

Happy almost Halloween!
Diego(fiancé) Who I call DH because he is my Diego Harrison lol - he is all about Halloween and the holidays. He LOVES the holidays and it makes me love them to. He brings out the little kid in me. We even get new matching mugs every year for hot chocolate to use while we make our annual Christmas CD I offer to readers on my blog in late November. Aren't we kids? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. 
 So to celebrate the holiday coming up - I'll give away a goodie bag with a beautiful little holiday angel in it and some yummy goodies and yes - there will be a book inside! I'll let one winner pick from the one's I have in my cabinet. to win? I'm sure thinking paranormal this time of the month! So...

Any one of these ways enters you to win - Help me spread the word about the Vampire Wardens in some way, shape or form. Hot Vampire Kiss or Hot Vampire Seduction.

Each thing you do is an entry - you can do just 1!

TWEET Vampire Wardens
LIKE IT one or both books on AMAZON or Barnes and Noble
PLEASE ask them to a list at Goodreads - I really need to get them on some Goodreads lists to be found. 
Or add to your bookshelf at Goodreads.
Facebook post
Any 1 or all!

 To like on Amazon Click the Link Below: 

To Like on Barnes and Nobles Click the Link Below: 

To Add to your Goodreads Shelf: 

Hot Vampire Kiss on Goodreads

 To like on Amazon click the link below:

Hot Vampire Seduction Kindle Edition  

To like on Barnes and Nobles click the Link Below: 

Hot Vampire Seduction on Nook 

To Add to your Goodreads Shelf:

Hot Vampire Seduction on Goodreads

Make sure you leave a comment letting Lisa know what ones you did. Remember each thing you do counts as a entry. You can leave links in the comment if you tweeted or your Goodreads to show you put them on your shelf. If you spread the word on your Facebook please post the link. If you like them on those sites and let Lisa know which and where. Most importantly don't forget to leave your email.


WK said...

Don't enter me. Just wanted to say I love your blog and Lisa what a great post.


alainala said...

hmm i added both books to my TO read on goodreads.. but i dont know if this is the right link to there..

alainala AT hotmail DOT ca

Michelle Bledsoe said...

Here are my entries:


Liked on Amazon

Michelle Bledsoe said...


koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

Barbara said...

Hi, Lisa! I 'liked' BOTH books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. BOTH books were already added to my TO-Read shelf on goodreads:

Leagh said...

Amazing post Lisa!

I have gone through and done all of them.

Here is the link to my FB page

I have tweeted it also!/leaghmaria/status/129951720590688259

Kelly said...

Stopping by to show Lisa and Lindsey some love.

Love these books!!!! LOVE AIDEN!!!!
Can't wait to read Troy's book.


joder said...

These books sound sssssoooooo good! I've been busy this morning and I did all the options you left us. Here's the run down with links....

-I Like HVK on Amazon as Joder (the #44 Liker)
-I Like HVK on B&N as Jody F (the #16 Liker)
-Added it to my GR shelf as Jody F
-I tweeted about HVK here...!/jone402/status/129985608390160384
-I Like HVS on Amazon as Joder (the #29 Liker)
-I Like HVS on B&N as Jody F (the #11 Liker)
-Added it to my GR shelf as Jody F
-I tweeted about HVS here...!/jone402/status/129987120642273280

+8 entries total

Thanks for all the giveaway fun!

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Jean P said...

I liked HVK and HVS on Amazon as Jean Patton

skpetal AT hotmail DOT com

Lisa Renee Jones said...

Waving ! Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

Harlie Reader said...

Here are the places that reviewed both Hot Vampire Kiss and Hot Vampire Seduction:

Amazon: name Brian's Mom
Goodreads: name Brian's Mom
Twitter:!/marika67/status/126770955065376769 and!/marika67/status/130027643214106626

Harlie Reader said...

Sorry about the linkage. I've been busy. LOL!

Chelsea B. said...

I Liked your books on Amazon!


marybelle said...

Added both books to Goodreads. +2

LIKED both books Amazon. +2

Mary Preston

lrhubble said...

I have them on my shelf at Goodreads, I have also tweeted them, and liked them at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and done facebook. :-)


msmjb65 said...

Ok.Let's see. I did a lot of stuff:
+2 Goodreads vote for both books Hot Vampire Kiss:
Hot Vampire Seduction:
+2 both books on my to read list:
+2 liked both books on Amazon
+2 liked both books on Barnes and noble
total: +8
Not bad for 12.45 am!
Glad I could help and now I hope I can win!
msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

Robin said...

I "liked" both books on Amazon and on Barnes and Noble, and added both to my Goodreads books.

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

seawitchreviewsfromthebookshelf said...

I liked both books on both Amazon and B&N and added them to both my goodreads
and they are on my facebook!/profile.php?id=100002600185235
Hope that helps spread the word Lisa. This has been a fun blog tour.